Thursday, April 16, 2009

Yesterday . . .

. . . I got to take Caroline to her preschool and then five hours later pick her up. What fun! I'd been there before but only as a tag along with her mom. Since her mom and dad are in D.C. for a wedding I got to do the whole taking and picking up thing by myself. What fun. Caroline's Mimi is staying with her and Andrew, so yesterday Susan (Mimi) and I had a good visit when I brought Caroline home.
Here's an older picture of Caroline with her Mimi - who looks way too young to be one!

Oh, Sam and I went to Southlake's Tea Party for just a few minutes yesterday. Whoa. Those people were worked up.
Afterwards we decompressed at the Five Guys Hamburger place. YUM.
(That picture of Caroline in the pink dress at the top of this post was taken 2 weeks ago at another great hamburger place, Kinkaid's.)


Sara Elizabeth said...

I saw last night that they have opened a 5 Guys at Galleria. Is it good?

That picture of Caroline at the top is darling!!!!!!!!!

Nancy said...

Yes, S E, 5 Guys is GOOD!! mm mm. If you're allergic at all to peanuts, though, you can't eat there. They have a sign up to that effect. They fry everything in peanut oil.

Penny said...

I was at the tea party too! I work in Southlake and three of us went down there for lunch. Then.. we couldn't find our car and walked past 5 Guys like 5 times!
It's a small world!

caroline said...

I was there too! well I was at the Starbucks and saw all the people with their signs and such. It was craziness!
I have a post about it coming up.. hah

Elizabeth H. said...

So glad you had fun picking C up and with Susan!! We are having a blast!!! Miss the kids a lot, but it's a so great to be with John!! See you soon!