Thursday, May 21, 2009

Big changes...

... at Echo Bible Church (Rob's church). I just went to his site and found it most interesting. Click HERE to get there.

As for Laura, Ryan and me, we're in the rest mode. Well, Ryan is cooking supper for Laura. (Obviously cooking is more restful for him than it is for me.)

Sam has had so much work to do at Bear Valley that he has had to miss Laura's move - and being there for her 'procedures'. Ah, but he is always the rock... and ready to hear me tell all about our adventures. Like today - we (L, R, and I) took a quick trip to Waco to get Laura's car and turn her loft keys in. [If you're living in Waco (PR!) I am planning a trip someday just to come see YOU ('Course, I know you're super busy- with family and all. I will call first.)]

Speaking of trips to Waco, I have a new favorite place: the Czech Stop in West. (I know, that's LOTS of people's favorite place.) I'd been there before, but today - on the way back- I indulged in a kolache and saw that they had some delicious sandwiches made with homemade bread. They looked so good, I wished I hadn't eaten lunch yet.

Obviously blogging is restful for me.

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laura said...

BOTH Ryan and I cooked dinner. He made lasagna and I made soup. For the record

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