Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Heather's art is under my April 30th post.....

... which is 2 posts down. DON'T MISS IT!! It's great. By the way, the art show at TCC Northwest goes till May 9.

Now for my news:
I just started something ... and I already need a recovery group for it!

As of yesterday at around 4 o'clock I started a Facebook account. Well, most folks I know are on Facebook - how could I not be in the loop?

So now I'm in the loop. The loopdy-loop, and I'm being drawn way in ....... help!

Seriously, does it take over other people's lives?
Will it get better ... not so consuming?

It better!

Question for you Facebookers: I'm I supposed to answer everybody's questions - like "How are you, Nancy?" I mean, do I HAVE to answer people's questions? I mean, is there an etiquette book out there? (My Facebook tutor, Elizabeth, can't be with me every second of the day!)

Hmmm... I beginning to see. THIS BLOG will be my 'GROUP'.
All right!

(Sorry, I'm getting silly.)

I'll leave you with a beautiful picture. (My daughter's senior picture from Baylor University.)
(I took the picture of the picture - it looks better 'in person'.)
I love that girl. (She's graduates in August.)


laura said...

i love you too.

i dont always respond to questions people write on my wall, but maybe that's rude. if they really care they can call you or ask in person.

And yeah, when I first got on facebook it was pretty consuming, but now not so much. I'll check it everyday, but usually only spend like a couple minutes on it. Something that helped is making it so facebook didn't send me emails. i just checked it at my leisure.

Being Beth said...

FB Survival guide --

1. You will get tired of the "drama"

2. You don't HAVE to do anything. I click "like" a lot and don't take time to comment on everything I read.It shows you were there, read the entry, liked it and then you move on.

3. You can write up a small "bio" type thing that tells "how you are" and what's going on with family etc., and keep it in your computer. When someone asks, past it into a FB email, and send it. Usually they won't write back. If they do, you don't HAVE to answer unless you want to do so. Just leave a comment on one of their entries that says "Thanks for your note." You've answered.

4. Remember what Elizabeth said about setting your account for privacy. Smart lady, that Elizabeth!

5. Check facebook once a day. You won't miss a thing. It will ALL be there, and you can still spy on all your friends who think they just HAVE to write down every detail of their lives.

6. And finally, don't join twitter. You'll be sucked down into a black hole and you'll never escape it's power.

Being Beth said...

All of those tips and I forgot the MOST IMPROTANT PART OF YOUR POST -- What a beautiful portrait of Laura. It really caught her personality and energy. How can anyone do anything else but love her?

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