Saturday, May 9, 2009

Saturday morning...

... I woke up really early for some reason. Evidently my brain didn't register that it is SATURDAY, FOR GOODNESS' SAKE!

Oh well, it's given me time to sit here and do 'my thing'. That makes me think of this cartoon someone drew of me . . .

Different note: you may not have visited 2 blogs in a while - since the bloggees don't post very often... but when they do.... it is GOOD:

Last week Rob finally posted another great 'article'. It would be worth your time to read. I thought the first part was really funny- and the rest was serious and so good (Well, the funny part was so good, too.) Click HERE for it.

And last night Will posted something very interesting. He posted recently, too, but I'm thinking no one read it, or saw the picture of Pretzel, because his posts are so infrequent- why bother to go to his blog? Well, I bother - and I'm glad I do (did). Last night he put up a link that I found amazing. It's under his new post titled "This is cool." Click HERE for it.

Different note: yesterday Sam, Will, Bailey Jo and I went and saw the new STAR TREK movie. It was so good! Even if you're not a 'trekkie' (which I'm not) I think you will like it.
Well, actually, in my opinion, it's not as good as THE SOUND OF MUSIC. But then....

Happy Mother's Day!

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