Friday, May 8, 2009

Yesterday ...

... I went to Plano and sang a song for a preschool graduation/end-of-year program at a preschool where my cousin, Carol McElhany Smith, works. I've sung it before there, and they asked me back.

This is the first time I've ever posted words to one of my songs on my blog, but since Sunday is Mother's Day - and since I know some young mothers - well, I thought the words might be good for you to read. I like them (obviously).

Here are the song's lyrics:
Mommy’s Prayer
by Nancy Carmack

1. I hear my children laugh and play.
I see their room in disarray.
I wonder if I’ll ever have
Some time for me some day.
And then I think, it will be soon
When this becomes a very quiet room.
These days won’t last, these days will pass,
For little children grow up way too fast.

All I have is now, all I have is here.
Lord, You've given me this precious time
These little lives to rear.
Take me, make me a reflection of your grace,
That when my little children look up into mommy’s face,
They'll see You there.
That is my prayer, Lord,
That they will see Jesus there.

2. I mend their wounds. I wipe their tears.
I try and calm their night time fears.
But there are times I want to shout,
There are times I get so put out.
And then I think, it won’t be long
Till they grow up and they are gone.
These days won’t last, these days will pass,
For little children grow up way too fast.*
copyright 1992

Have a great Mother's Day!

[P.S. I'm rethinking doing Facebook. I mean, I've lived all my life without it, do I need it? Hmm. Do I want it? I'm not so sure..... ]


caroline said...

that's a beautiful song :)
You are so talented!

Being Beth said...

What a lovely song. Truly a mother's prayer and thoughts. Wish I could hear you sing it.

Re: facebook -- I'm about to ditch it myself. IT's a time waster. Im out of twitter too. I'm thinking that I'll leave them both up, and if someone sends me a message, I'll get it via email, and can respond if I want to. Otherwise, will only check it once a week (maybe).

It dawned on me the other day that I was spending lots of time "chatting" with folks I don't really even know, won't ever really know, and who don't really care about me. My time would be better used in REAL relationships around here. It's a false life, like thinking you know an actor or TV personality (like Oprah) because you see their TV persona. It's not really them. I don't have to be my real self on these sites, and neither does anybody else. Suddenly the whole thing is creeping me out.

I'll stick to blogging, where I tend to be myself.

Elizabeth H. said...

I have always loved that song of yours.... I still know all the words by heart from when you FIRST released it on TAPE! And of course, it just brought tears to my eyes!

Anonymous said...

You shouldn't give up Facebook so fast! You just need to find a balance. I've been a member since it's inception and after all these years (five), I've realized it has it's good parts and bad parts...but it's fully customizable and that works for me in a big way. If it's not for you, though, that's ok! Let me know if you have questions before dumping it.

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