Monday, June 29, 2009

More family reunion pictures....

... that I knew you wanted to see, OF COURSE!

The piano had the old, old pictures...
The holiday tree had the newer ones...
The first grandchild of Earl and Ora White is David (Lucille's oldest son)(center). His sister, Susan couldn't come as she and her husband live (have retired) in Costa Rica, and his brother, Steve, couldn't come for no apparent reason... grr. (I need to give him a hard time.)
From left, Teri (David's firstborn), holding namesake-son little David. Teri's husband, Richard, is holding their youngest son, Nathaniel; David's wife Sandy is in front of David; then his son, Chris, with his family, wife - Heather with Owen and Lily...
My mother is the third child of Earl and Ora. (Their second child, Jim, though married to dear Aunt Ida, had no children.)
Here we are... Lindsey (Cap's wife), Me (Nancy), Will (my son), Laura (my daughter), Sam (my husband), my Mother; Cap (Peggy's (my late twin's) firstborn), Elizabeth (Peggy's second-born) holding Caroline; her husband, John, is holding Andrew...

Here are Warren (the fifth child of Earl and Ora - the fourth child, Harold never married, nor had children), Warren's wife, Helen, son Jim, and daughter Margaret with two of her children, Meredith and Kyle. Jim has a lovely wife who had to stay home and work, as did his son and daughter. Margaret's husband and oldest son had to work also. They must not have begged hard enough to get off...

Finally, on far right is Leslie, Earl and Ora's granddaughter by their youngest son, Boyd. Leslie's sister, Audrey and her brother, Ray, couldn't come. James, the tall one on the left is Leslie's son and Brandon - in the middle - is Audrey's son. Leslie's daughter, Tina, and her husband and three children couldn't come (much to our dismay).

My kids, Will and Laura, were accompanied by their wonderful girlfriend and boyfriend, whom we called the 'outlaws'. (They all worked hard to make the reunion a success ---- THANK YOU!) From left, Ryan, daughter-Laura, Bailey Jo, son-Will.

Now for some more random pics...

This last picture is of Richard (Teri's husband) and his son, David (who has a pickle on his teeth). Richard is staff sergeant in the Army Reserves. He's been to Iraq twice (long tours) and now trains soldiers at a base in Wisconsin. On Saturday night after a fun talent show, I interviewed him as he told of his experiences serving our country. Needless to say, we were riveted.

It was a great weekend.

Now I'm in the rest-mode.
Oh yes.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The party's over!

It was a GREAT reunion!

We counted 32 in all.

Tina and her precious family (in the picture on the sidebar) could NOT come after all. Their house sold and they had to find another one - all in a few days time - and we were left telling her mother and brother all weekend - WE MISS TINA! WE MISS TINA!
Anyway, instead of nine children six years and under we had six. Talk about fun.

I took lots of pictures. Sam and Will took the 'official' ones - but here are just a few of mine - the first being a picture of a picture...
Here is the first generation of the J. Earl White family. Warren and Margaret (my mother) are the two middle in the second row. They are the only ones living.
First row, from left: (my) Uncle Jim, Grandaddy Earl, Grandmother Ora, Aunt Lucille (the oldest child). Second row: Uncle Boyd, Uncle Warren, Mother, Uncle Harold...
Oldest generation at reunion, Earl and Ora White's daughter-in-law Helen, son Warren (married to Helen) (Tennessee), and my mother, Margaret (Texas).
First cousins (several didn't come) (from left): Jim (Tennessee), Nancy (Texas), David (Iowa), Leslie (New Mexico), and Margaret (Alabama)...
Second cousins (from left): Brandon (Texas), Kyle (Alabama) Teri (Wisconsin), Chris (Minnesota); Will and Laura (Texas), Meredith (Alabama), Cap (Texas), James (New Mexico), and Elizabeth (Texas)...
Third cousins (from left): Caroline and Andrew (Texas); Owen and Lily (Minnesota); David and Nathaniel (Wisconsin)...

We also took 'official' pictures of all the in-laws and out-laws - but for now I will just post those above. Plus these random ones....

This last one is Meredith with her new pal, Shiloh. They have a special bond.

Now I better get ready for church.

Friday, June 26, 2009


If I've been too busy to blog - you know I've been busy.

Today's the official start of the family reunion, though we had supper with some of our favorite family members last night.

Yesterday Bailey was my 'personal assistant'. We ran errands, cleaned chairs, set up tables, made beds, etc., etc., and had the best Italian ice (my first) at a place called Rita's - across from Trinity High School next to Dickie's Barbecue where we ordered food for tomorrow night.

Yes, it always comes down to food with me. Ha.

On that note here's a picture I like from ('a community-driven visual potluck'). This is hot pink rhubarb sorbet...Yum, I'm sure.

Different note: you should see our windows. They are sparkling clean. Thanks to Ryan!!!
(Hosting a big 'do' is always good for the house!)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"Shut out the whole world."

Sam told me to do this the other night.

It was like medicine to me. mm

I was fretting about this week. We have board meeting in OKC (I'm there (here) now.) Then up to 39 folks are coming for a 3-day family reunion at our house this weekend.

My mind was going crazy. 'What if someone goes into my pantry and sees how really messy I really am?' 'And our towels look really dingy to me now.''And here I go again, getting take-out and not doing all the homecooking that so-and-so and so-and-so would do.' 'And what if the Baymont Inn I reserved for everybody isn't as good as I thought?' And on and on and on.

I was getting ridiculous and Sam's gently telling me I needed to 'shut out the whole world' was what I needed.

These precious folks that are coming into town (from Wisconsin, Minnesota, Tennessee, Alabama, New Mexico, Iowa, and Texas) are what they are - the most nonjudgmental people you'd ever meet. They are so fun. And so very wonderful. Well, it's no wonder that we want to get together every 2 years. Wow, writing all this makes me think: I CAN'T WAIT TILL THIS WEEKEND!

And my song this week will be (is)...
Turn your eyes upon Jesus,
Look full in His wonderful face,
And the things of earth will grow strangely dim,
In the light of His glory and grace.


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day...

to my dad...
and Sam's dad...
Both men are with the Lord now, but still have an amazingly wonderful influence on our lives.

I went to the early service at Bear Valley, so I could cook lunch for the wonderful dad of my children...

I really like this next picture. He's driving the Jeep Wrangler on one of our big RV trips years ago...
Having a wonderful earthly father helps us know how to relate to our wonderful Heavenly Father.

Friday, June 19, 2009

For fun... are some random signs and a mug from LoneStar...

And, of course...
I just thought I'd share those.
For fun.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Don't forget...

...I almost did...Sunday is Father's Day!

Bud Kennedy has some suggestions on where to take your dad for some good food. Click HERE for his short Eats Beat video.

Last night - to celebrate our 31 years together - Sam and I went to one of our old haunts, Massey's on 8th street in Fort Worth. Still some of the best chicken fried steak ever. We're both on diets now, for sure. And promising to eat healthily from now on.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Joe T. Garcia's AGAIN!

I need to sign up for Weight Watchers NOW...this very minute.

Tonight Sam and I met Steve, Lorie, and Mac, and Rob and Caroline at Joe T.'s. That's the 2nd time in four days for Sam and me!
[If you think I'm ever going to eat light at Joe. T.'s you're mistaken.]

It was really fun. When Steve called and said he got us a table out on the patio, I thought, we're going to be miserable in this heat. But it was nice! Just right, in fact.

Speaking of Rob (which I am), he has a 'what-do-you-think?' question on his blog that he wants answered. Laura and I have been the only answerers so far. Click HERE to go there ... and give it a try, okay? It's under the June 10th post titled "Thoughts On A Thought".

Well, tomorrow will mark 31 wonderful years since this picture was taken...

Happy Anniversary, Honey!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Saturday night...

...after flying back from Amarillo Sam and I went to my VERY favorite place to eat ... Joe T. Garcia's. (It's just down the road from Meacham Airport.) Anyway, afterwards we were driving north on Main Street near the stockyards and we saw Bud Kennedy! I rolled down my window and yelled, "Bud Kennedy! I ALWAYS watch your "Eats Beat" videos on Every week I watch it! Can I take your picture?" He said, "Why yes! And enjoy your time in Fort Worth!" I said, "I will!!" And I did, of course.

This is not a good picture of him, but I DID take it with my own camera.
He was so nice.

I smiled all the way home.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Yesterday . . .

Sam and I flew with Steve, Lorie and little Mac to Amarillo for the funeral of Sam and Steve's 'Uncle Tom' - though he was technically a cousin of their dad - but who was partly raised by their (Sam and Steve's) dad's parents. Did you follow that?

Anyway, Tom was a wonderful man, and died last week at the ripe page of 92. He was a dear man, and the funeral was a great tribute to him.

The youngest attender of the funeral was 10 month-old Mac. And apart from one short cry, he was PERFECT during the service.
AND he was a GOOD little traveler. Oh yes!
This was the most time I've spent with him ... and I am even more enchanted than before.
What a sweetie.

Here are some pics:

On the left is Uncle 'Dub' (Samuel Williams Carmack IV. (My husband is SWC V (because Dub only had girls), and my son is SWC VI). Cousin-in-law Randall is holding the main attraction, Mac!
Here's Tom's granddaughter Molly, with her four month-old precious, precious baby, Lelu (guessing on the spelling). Lelu didn't actually attend the funeral service, but so delighted us during the meal time. She smiled A LOT, but my camera never captured it...
Here Mac is playing with his cousin-once-removed (?), Linda. In the background is Tom's widow, Frankie...
Here Mac is giving Steve some hair cream (uh, drool)...
Lorie and son are walking to the plane to head back home. Mac is ready!...
Here is ze plane!
Steve and Mac are getting ready to board...
It was a good trip, but we all decided that we need to get together on HAPPY occasions instead of SAD. 'Course little Mac and Lelu helped make it as delightful as possible. Oh yes.

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