Wednesday, June 10, 2009


A relatively new restaurant in Bedford has my attention. It has Greek and Lebanese food. We'll have to take Ken and Pat there the next time they're in town. (Ken is half Lebanese.) Click HERE for the review in the Star Telegram.

I had a vanilla shake at Chic-fil-A the other day. Oh my. They have smaller sizes now, which is good, but I can put away a big one easily. 'Course then I'm on a diet for a few days.
The shake was incredible. A straw didn't do it, though. I had to have a spoon. Honestly that shake tasted like homemade ice cream to me. mm. mm.

Taco Bell has a delicious soft steak taco that isn't on their menu(!). Somewhere we read about it, and tried it out. YUM!

Oh, Snootie Pig, by Tom Thumb at Hall Johnson and Hwy 121 in Grapevine, has YUMMY low-fat muffins. Well, and good breakfasts, period .

Let's see, what else? Oh, the food at LoneStar Antiques' tea room is DELICIOUS. Alex (I still don't know his last name) is cooking there now, instead of Lourdes (who was (is) super). He used to work at Chef Pointe cafe - which has been featured twice on The Food Channel - if that tells you anything.

Some people eat to live. Vice versa with me.

[This post was inspired by Bud Kennedy's "Eats Beat" on the Star Telegram website. I really like watching that. He has a new short video every Friday.]


sara [at] journey of doing said...

Chic-fil-a has the best shakes! I LOVE them... but it's good they got one a little smaller. Wow, they are so tasty.

Your blog has made me hungry.... mmmm...

Why are you on a diet anyway, lady?? No diets necessary for you!

My grandpa was one of the "eat to live" people. He didn't think food should have flavor or be enjoyed... then he came to stay with my parents for a month and decided that my mom was the best darn cook around! I can remember a night she fixed brisket, and he was at the table for about an hour after everyone, continuing to enjoy the tasty dinner. Sweet, sweet grandpa.

laura said...

Yeah, I love Chik-fa-la shakes too. I haven't had one since I got my wisdom teeth out. I will have to remedy that soon. . .
And I super excited about eating tea room food a lot next month.

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