Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Joe T. Garcia's AGAIN!

I need to sign up for Weight Watchers NOW...this very minute.

Tonight Sam and I met Steve, Lorie, and Mac, and Rob and Caroline at Joe T.'s. That's the 2nd time in four days for Sam and me!
[If you think I'm ever going to eat light at Joe. T.'s you're mistaken.]

It was really fun. When Steve called and said he got us a table out on the patio, I thought, we're going to be miserable in this heat. But it was nice! Just right, in fact.

Speaking of Rob (which I am), he has a 'what-do-you-think?' question on his blog that he wants answered. Laura and I have been the only answerers so far. Click HERE to go there ... and give it a try, okay? It's under the June 10th post titled "Thoughts On A Thought".

Well, tomorrow will mark 31 wonderful years since this picture was taken...

Happy Anniversary, Honey!


Being Beth said...

Happy Anniversary!!!! Ummm, Joe T's - what a way to get to Weight Watchers! LOL Heading over to Rob's site now.

alice said...

Wow!! Elizabeth looks so much like you!! Both of you are beautiful!!

caroline said...

Happy Anniversary!
How wonderful!
ps, i FINALLY updated,
just for you :)

Penny said...

Happy Anniversary. I Love that picture!

sara [at] journey of doing said...

Oh, happy anniversary! I love the picture! Love, love, love it!

Elizabeth H. said...

Congratulations!!!!!!!! This is my first time to check your blog in a few days - I hope your anniversary was so wonderful!!!!!!

Elizabeth H. said...

I guess really I should say Happy Anniversary - but I didn't. Congratulations on 31 years!!!!!!! That's congratulatory!