Monday, July 27, 2009

Everything (and everybody) changes.... writing. I saw an article today about mourning the death of handwriting. It seems that people born after 1980 don't do cursive writing at all like their elders - and those born in the '90s don't do it almost at all. Sigh. Click HERE for the article in TIME magazine.

Yesterday Mother and I went to Canton to the 60th (60th!!) wedding anniversary party of some dear friends of hers. She saw some folks she hadn't seen in years. Some were in wheelchair type things. Some had canes. Everybody seemed to have changed but Mother. And she was sporting a snazzy new hairdo. (She's my inspiration!)

Oh, and we drove by the old house she and Daddy rented in the mid seventies before they built White Haven. I remembered it being a nice house. Now there is an old car in the front yard.

I could go on - like how Sam and I have driven by our old haunts lately- and they're gone. Completely.

Oh, and this is for sale at the antique an antique...
That's it for this morning.
Have a great day.


richterihart said...

I feel like I hardly ever write anymore. Most everything is done on the computer. (sigh) How times change.

My mom & dad used to have one of those rotary phones. It was the phone they kept in their bedroom. If I remember correctly, it was an ugly pinkish-peach color.

Linh said...

I love writing in cursive! I think it's pretty!! And I was born in 1987.

Being Beth said...

I agree -- your mom is an inspiring lady. I think it takes a certain type of gracious living to rise above all the changes life throws at you and appear to have not changed. That's a real accomplishment and reveals fortitude, strength, and confidence in God's goodness and love.

sara [at] journey of doing said...

Funny you should mention this... because I was trying to explain to my mom (and others) the other day that I've been really wanting to go back to Florence lately, "just to make sure" everything is the same as it was when I lived there.

The places where I grew up are no longer, and they've all changed, too.

Florence hasn't changed in thousands of years, and I think I would find it somewhat comforting to know that it's still there.

I don't know. Hard to explain, but I GET THIS POST! :)

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