Saturday, July 25, 2009

Great talk... Rob.
Sam and I, and Will, Bailey, Laura and Ryan all went to Fellowship of the Parks this evening to hear Rob preach. It was GREAT. I happened to look at the comment card Sam filled out at the end of the service and he wrote, 'Awesome!' Sam is not known for gushing... so I knew he thought it was a great message.

Rob is now on staff at FOTP and this was his first time to preach. (He'll preach once a month or so, I think.) Would you believe they have six services every weekend?! Two on Saturday night and four on Sunday morning.
I'm thinking Rob will be napping tomorrow afternoon.

This is a blurry picture, but it's all I've got...That screen on the left says, "ROB CARMACK, PASTOR".


caroline said...

That's my man!!
I may be a little biased, but I think he did a great job. ;)
I'm so glad I ran unto y'all on our ways in/out.
I love being a Carmack :)

Jan said...

Hi Nancy! i'm going to go hear him tomorrow morning!! Looking forward to it!

Being Beth said...

This is wonderful. I guess I didn't realize that Rob was on staff at FOTP. That's fantastic. Go ROB!!!

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