Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Fourth of July!!

Tomorrow Mother and I head out to Van for the other White reunion. I purposefully didn't eat a whole lot today, anticipating the feast tomorrow.
What am I taking? Some green tomato relish from Market Street, and a yummy-looking peaches and praline pie, also from Market Street. My excuse for not cooking is going to Waco today, but any excuse would do.

Sam and I went to Waco today to help Laura move out of her apartment. Imagine my delight to find out when we got there that she had already put everything in boxes - and her car was loaded as much as it could have been. All we needed to do was load my car with other stuff - and help her clean - which didn't take long. (Thank you, Laura, for doing all that on your own.)

As for me, it's been exactly three weeks since I fell on the driveway. (Laura mentioned to me last week that I hadn't blogged about it. Well, finally I am.) My left side of my face IS looking better, though people are still asking me what I did to make my husband so mad(!!!).Gravity brought the bruise to the bottom of my left eye. My left knee and hand-palm have totally recovered. Rats. (I'm a shameless sympathy junky.)

I'll leave you with this cartoon...

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richterihart said...

Happy 4th of July! Have a safe and fun trip to your other White reunion!

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