Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I know it's hard to believe...

... but I'm going to another White reunion this Saturday.

I know. I just had one.

You see, I'm 'pure White'. That may sound as if I'm making a racist statement - I'm not.
Here's the truth: my mother was a White before she married my dad who was a White. Sometimes my mother is known as Margaret White White. Seriously.

This Saturday (every July 4th) we have the Will White family reunion. Will White was my great grandfather on my father's paternal side.

The two White reunions are VERY different from each other.
The one we just had (my mother's family) had family members who came from lots of states and lasted a whole weekend. My dad's family reunion meets like from 12 - 2 every July 4th. We meet, we eat, then we say, 'See you next year!' Lately we've been meeting in the Van, Texas community center. Before that we met on the lawn of my parents' country home for 27 years. Before that we met in Aunt Ira and Uncle Terrence's front yard. Before that in a nice park somewhere that is just a pleasant memory to me. We've been known to have more than 100 people! Lately it's been about 70, I think. It's always in East Texas - and everybody there is from East Texas or the Metroplex - except for Brian and Sylvia and kids who come from Texarkana. We also have home cooking. And lots of sliced homegrown tomatoes, black-eyed peas, and usually at least one yummy banana pudding. And lots of sweet tea! Oh and one of the older cousins usually brings home-fried fish - a HUGE platter. My mouth is watering as I type.

I, of course, will take pictures.

Until then, we have to get Laura moved home from Waco. YAY!! I love having her home. (In August she moves to Denton to start grad school. (That does sound impressive. I'm proud.))

Oh, this afternoon, I stayed just a little while with my favorite little ones. Here's a picture, or two...
Life is good.


sara [at] journey of doing said...

How funny about the White-White reunions! I have a friend who is seriously dating a guy with the same last name... we tease her about hyphenating her name and being Nikla Reddy-Reddy. :)

Enjoy having Laura home... the couple weeks I was home with my parents after graduation were some very pleasant ones... oh yes. It will never be the same.

Have a safe and fun 4th :)

That Caroline sure is growing up fast...!

richterihart said...

The kids are soooo cute! Its very obvious that they are siblings, and they look just like their mom!

I borrowed some pictures off the reunion slideshow for my blog. I was looking for one of Caroline & I sitting at the piano, would've been taken on Saturday, right before the birthday cake. If you find it, can you email it to me or add it to the slide show?

Have fun at the other White reunion!

Being Beth said...

I found this post so interesting. I've never heard of a two hour reunion. Hardly enough time to say hello to nearly 100 people. I guess everyone just talks with their mouths full, huh? LOL!!! The food, oh my, such deliciousness. There is nothing like east texas pot luck. Have a fun time.

Elizabeth H. said...

so sweet!!!
thank you for watching the kids!!!!!

Elizabeth H. said...

And I love your new background!

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