Sunday, July 5, 2009


I'm getting some rest today.
It's Sunday, after all.
Except for going to church, I'm doing nothing. NOTHING.
Now that's a plan!

I took quite a few pictures of the White reunion yesterday. I'll post them when I have more energy.
For now, here's Will and Ann White, my great grandparents, whose kids, grandkids, and on down the line, are the reason for the reunion yesterday. It was the 92nd reunion!!!
I'm sure they'd be surprised - and very pleased - to know we've kept having it.


sara [at] journey of doing said...

92nd? That's AMAZING!

I wish today was a day of rest for me... ah well.

Being Beth said...

I'm surprised you are even going to go to church! You must be completely exhausted.

That's some kind of moustache your great-grandfather was sporting. Great photo.

Also, I kinda like that picture of Ryan cleaning the humongous mirror. Could I borrow your outlaw for a day? No? Well, maybe I need to get my own outlaw. I'll have to talk to my cherubs.

richterihart said...

I wish I could get some rest today. Maybe I can sneak in a nap this afternoon while David and Conner play & Nathaniel naps....hmmm.

It sounds like you had a good time at the reunion. I look forward to seeing pictures.

caroline said...

92! That is amazing!

We (including Laura if she is free) should get lunch sometime this week! Rob is out of town and I am in need of some quality girl time ;)

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