Thursday, July 9, 2009

Tag! I'm it!

My dear friend Beth tagged me!

Here are the rules for this tag: List six little things that make you happy. Tag six bloggers and let them know they're 'it'.

I have to admit - it makes me happy to think about what makes me happy.

Here are my six little happiness things:
1.) Eating breakfast with my Sam...
2. Finding something new and different that tastes really good... like Virgil's Real Cola. It's so refreshing. My daughter and her boyfriend introduced it to me at "Food for Thought" in Waco. I was hooked right away.

3. Getting my hair done. I really like the washing of it. Marti has long fingernails and it just feels so good when she washes my hair. mm. I don't have a picture of that - but I do have a picture of me getting highlights. (Any moment can be a Kodak moment, I say.)

4. My 'HAPPY' sign I got at Hobby Lobby for half price.

5. Eating out. Especially Mexican food. Especially with special friends like Beth...

6. Having family living so close...

Now, for me to be the tagger...
Hmm. Well, whomever I pick, don't feel as if you need to add pictures. I just had time on my hands - and wanted to do a wowy job for Beth!

Okay, no pressure, but I sure would like it if the following would play along. Tell us your six little happiness things. (Don't think too hard.) The rest of you can click their names and go to their blogs.)

Drum roll...
Sara Elizabeth
Bailey Jo (Your computer is fixed now! 'Course you have no free time . . . but maybe a minute or two?)
Elizabeth (This one is private - but some of you can get there.)
Will (I know you want to do it.)

I didn't add Laura because she's already been tagged.

C'mon now.


Elizabeth H. said...

I'll do it! I love that you a) took a picture of breakfast with Sam sitting right next to you and b) took a picture of you getting your hair done!! I LOVE it!! Everything is a blog moment!

richterihart said...

I did it! But I don't know 6 bloggers that you haven't already tagged! One I didn' list, but agree with you totally on it getting my hair done. I love it - its so relaxing.

The next time we're down in your area, I'd like to go to the tea room, and see where you play. I' think it'd be a lot of fun.

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