Thursday, September 10, 2009

5 Times today...

...I played the "Happy Birthday" song in the tea room! Three of those were within about 10 minutes of each other. Folks were starting to think that was the only song I knew! I guess September is the big birthday month.

That makes me think of Sam. (It doesn't take much for make me think of him. :) His big day is Tuesday of next week. However wonderful he may be I do believe he is the hardest person I have ever had to shop for in my entire life, ever. Sometimes Sharper Image or Brookstone has some kind of little gadget that might be good. (Besides the typical shirt I give him every year.) Today, though, my Garmin-type thing in my car was sending me on a wild goose chase. First to Southlake for Sharper Image. It's closed. Then to Grapevine Mills for Brookstone. Closed. Yesterday I went to Brookstone at Northeast Mall, found something I thought might work, then waited and waited and waited, and waited some more, for the only salesperson to get off the phone. I was even waving at him. He acted like he didn't see me. He was too immersed in his phone call. From his end of the conversation (his apologies) I could tell he was being chewed out by someone higher up. Well, no wonder.

I'll close with this picture I took at Montgomery St. Antique Mall yesterday. It's a nonbirdlover's birdhouse...Notice the knife and fork.

I hope that's not too sick for you.


richterihart said...

Garmin sent you on a while goose chase? Never! :) We just got a Garmin last week. Love it! Works great when you're in the Twin Cities. Also good for back country roads.

I hate shopping for Richard. All he wants is gun stuff. Usually when more expensive than what's available in the budget.

Elizabeth H. said...

Too cute!! I love that birdhouse! And those Garmins - they will get you every time. We used one in DC a lot and found that it only really worked if we typed in the address, rather than searching for the name of a store.

There is a place in Southlake called Star Power or something - its across the Central Market parking lot and they are supposed to be really cool - so is Game Stop... and of course there is always the Apple store that I know the Carmacks like to frequent!! :)

John is hard to shop for too - I always want to wow him and since I'm married to him and know him so well, I feel like I should have the wowiest of all wow gifts.... which is a lot of pressure!! I think in general, spouses are the hardest to shop for.

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