Wednesday, September 23, 2009

House Beautiful...

I got to see my 'little peeps' yesterday afternoon! AND THEIR LOVELY HOME.
Here are some pics.
(It's great to do what I'm doing now -- looking at the pictures with some soft music playing, a scented candle burning, and some hot coffee in a pretty mug.)

The most beautiful part of this house are these two (well, and their beautiful parents)...(She did her hair herself!)

(I think his mommy did his.)

Looking at these pictures just makes me feel good.


Elizabeth H. said...

Aww thank you!!! It was fun decorating for fall! I am on the lookout for a yummy smelling fall candle!

Thank you SO much for watching the kids last minute!!!! I appreciate it and it was fun visiting with you and looking at old pictures!

Being Beth said...

I think I need to have Elizabeth give me a few pointers on home decor next year when I start sprucing up my home -- simple, warm, elegant little touches that make all the difference. Too bad I don't have a couple of those cherubs around anymore. You're right, Nancy, those pictures make me feel good too.

richterihart said...

Elizabeth has a beautiful home! And I read on her blog once that its always messy. It doesn't look messy to me! It looks perfect. And so do the cuties!

caroline said...

I really need a really good smelling fall candle for my house..
and those kids are just too cute!

sara [at] journey of doing said...

These are great pictures. I love the fall decorations.

It feels like fall today, doesn't it?

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