Friday, September 25, 2009

It's hard. . .

. . . to post a post after that last HOUSE BEAUTIFUL post of Elizabeth's house. Nothing could compare.

Ah, but this news just might trump that post: Rob and Caroline are having a BOY! They just found out today.
How exciting is that?! Little Mac will have a little fella to play with! -- and hand clothes down to!!

In other news, Sam and I just saw SURROGATES with Bruce Willis. It was very intriguing. I recommend it.

Other news, "Fuzzy's Tacos" opened this week in North Richland Hills at the corner of Rufe Snow and Iron Horse Blvd. Click HERE to watch Bud Kennedy tell about it. I'm going to go partake of those tacos soon. I hear the brisket ones are wonderful.

Speaking of eating (a common theme of mine), Sam and I went to Mimi's in Grapevine late this morning. Mother had given Sam a gift certificate there and we went to use it. Oh my. The food was delicious. I had been there twice before but had forgotten how yummy it was. Sam had never been there - and now he's hooked.

So far this has been a wonderful day off.

Oh, our Thursday night house group is going great. I'll tell more about that later, maybe with some pictures.

Speaking of pictures, here are two I took Wednesday afternoon. After Heather worked and I played in the tea room, we picked Erin up at her house to take her to eat at Fresco's (Yum). Well, we had to first see her doggies. Talk about cute...

Isn't that a sweet-looking dog?

I always say, "There's nothing like a good dog."

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Being Beth said...

Yeah, Fuzzy's is like 4 blocks from my house! If you go to Fuzzy's and don't drop by, I'm going to be...well, forgiving, but still...I don't mind drop in friends! As a matter of fact, you may need to park at my house. They won't let you park at the bank or the car rental place, and Fuzzy's parking lot holds about 20 cars -- not near enough space for the amount of business they are doing. Just so you know. We ate there yesterday -- YUM!!!

I'm SO excited about Rob and Caroline's happy news.

And those are two cute puppies!!!


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