Saturday, September 5, 2009


This has been quite the MUSIC WEEK. More so than usual. And here are a few pictures (taken on my wonderful iPhone)....

This first picture is AMAZING. At the beginning of music team rehearsal Tuesday night, Barris said something like, "Whoa! You're not going to believe what just happened!" Well, that statement got our attention. He said, "I was getting my (bass guitar) cord untangled and it fell into a Treble Clef!" Well, I got my iPhone out, ran over by him and took this picture. I placed my foot there (with my "Jewel of India" O.P.I. nail polish on my toe nails (thanks, Elizabeth)) so as to show you the size of that Treble Clef!...

The next four photos are of last night.... 20 YEARS LATE playing at Daddy Joe's Smokehouse in Colleyville (on 121 just north of Glade)...
Here's the band... which is awesome. AWESOME. They play the GREATS ... from the Beatles, Eagles, etc., etc... (Notice the drummer.)

In this next one you can see Jan better... playing and singing backups. Talk about one talented gal. And she's the only female in the band.. and SHE'S the drummer!! YOU GO, GIRL!!In that picture (above) you can tell that folks from neighboring La Hacienda Ranch are enjoying the concert, also. Sweet.

And lastly, the most important person in the band... the sound man, Jim.He always does a great job. I know... he's been one of Bear Valley's sound men (persons) for years!

Next Saturday (Sept. 12) 20 YEARS LATE is playing at Central Market in Southlake from 6 to 9. They've played there a lot... and have fans that fill up the place. Get there early!!

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