Monday, September 14, 2009

VERY Easy Brazilian Feast...

I've had some requests for the recipes for my Brazilian feast.
I'd thought about keeping it all a secret, so you wouldn't know just how easy it is. Then I thought, no. I want you to know how smart I am. HA!

I'll start with the first thing I do. (Well, after buying all the ingredients - ha!) (I've decided to show you pictures of those ingredients, just so you'll know exactly what I buy.... ha!)
The first thing I do - about 3 or more hours before the meal- is make the 'molho'. That's what we call it, anyway. (We pronounce it 'molyu). It has 4 ingredients. (I have done this right before the meal, but it's not as good.)

The first two ingredients (tomatoes and onions) you cut up in little pieces. I usually cut up 2 or 3 tomatoes to one large onion.
I just learned recently from my mother that the tomatoes sold 'on the vine' are the very best. I guess that makes sense.
I always get the yellow onions for my molho. I heard somewhere that they have the sharpest onion taste.
After cutting them up in little tiny pieces and putting into a bowl, I pour some oil and vinegar on them, I guess usually a fourth of a cup of each. Hmm. Maybe more. (I just usually use white vinegar.)
That's the molho. Cover it and put in fridge until time to serve.

Then, right before the meal, open up a can of these Bush's black beans, pour into pan, heat and serve. I don't even add bacon grease, or salt and pepper.
Now for the rice: just tear the corner, microwave for 90 seconds. Serve. ('Course you might have to buy several packets, depending on how many you're serving.
I've served different kinds of meat with this meal, but Market Street's Tuscan Rub rotisserie chicken is the best. You can also serve smoked sausage, steaks, or whatever. If you're a vegetarian, you can forget the meat.
Next: well-seasoned collard greens are a must with this meal. And the Glory brand is YUM. Just open the can, pour into pan, heat.
I know it sounds like this meal has a lot of starch, and it does. The next thing, potato salad. Market Street has the next best potato salad to my Mother's that I've ever found. It's their 'Old Fashioned Potato Salad.' 'Course it's cheaper to make your own, but remember this is the EASY feast, not the CHEAP feast.
Brazilians fry bananas to serve with the meal. They usually have a bread crumb batter, but I just fry the bananas without any coating in some hot butter. They get a little mushy- but oh, they're good.
Ideally you'd serve some homemade cheese bread. OR you could go to Red Lobster and get some Cheddar Bay Biscuits. Every time Sam and I eat there we're reminded of the cheese bread in Brazil. I've also just served cheese toast. (You know, bread with cheese on it, toasted.) That's cheaper.

There you have it.
Oh, I forgot. You serve the molho on top of the beans you put on top of the rice. I also put out Tabasco sauce, as Will and I like our rice, beans and molho with more of a kick.

There you have it.

This makes me want to give out more easy recipes.
If I'm anything... I'm the EASY cook!!

Or just take me out to eat!


caroline said...

that is so crazy that you posted this because I seriously considered calling you this morning to get this recipe! I want to make it for my family, I know they'd love it! yum!

sara [at] journey of doing said...

Thanks for posting this. It was tasty! Caroline must be on the same wavelength as me today... :)

patr said...

That all sounds delicious. I still remember how good it was in Terasena (sp?), Brazil. Also, the watermelon cut in bite size pieces.

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