Sunday, October 11, 2009

I've been busy . . .

Really busy. Lots goin' on. So much that I just don't have the time to tell about it all. And I want to. All the juicy details. . . but not enough time.

This past week, in short:

- Lots of lunch and breakfast dates. (Whoa, that can get not only expensive, but bad for the waist and hips. Oh, but SO FUN!)

- Three meetings in our home. (Good for keeping the house clean.)

- Tea room playing three days. (Parents took care of their own children this week.)

- Singing harmony for the choruses at Bear Valley today. [Singing harmony has never - EVER - been my strong suit. I enlisted Bailey to help me practice this week... and it happened that she could help sing it with me for the service today!!! Hallelujah. She sings harmony better than anyone I know - and she has one of the most beautiful voices I've ever heard... in my life. All during the praise and worship time I was listening to her and singing with her. So fun. Thank you, Lord.

Oh, and who led the praise and worship today? None other than Scott Norman! That probably means nothing to most of you blog-readers, but to some of you, you just dropped your jaw! He used to be at Bear Valley (two and a half years - 2001-2004). Anyway, he had a free weekend- and we needed some help - and he helped - gloriously.
Here's a picture of him, Farrah and their three sons, Jackson, 5, Carter, 3, and Tyler 1...
Beautiful family, huh?

This afternoon was the high point of the week.
It was the baptism service for Bear Valley. I'll post pictures on my next post, and tell about it.
Stay tuned.

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laura said...

So cooll! About the Normans.

See you tomorrow!


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