Monday, October 19, 2009

Just some random random...

I just found out that Luby's is closing its Bedford AND Grapevine locations! I used to be a big fan of Luby's, then not so much. Now, however, I feel like a Luby's fix-- and I'm going to have to travel far to get it. Click HERE for the article.
I never think of Luby's without thinking about Sundays in the Valley. We'd go almost every Sunday after church to the Luby's in McAllen. I'd ALWAYS get the fried fish, plus whatever else looked good to me that day.
(I think I'm grieving.)

In other news, in the tea room today a lady asked me if I could play any of God's Chalk. I hated to admit that I had no idea what she was talking about, but I had no idea... and I did admit it. Do any of you out in blog-land know what God's Chalk is?

Oh, a well-known customer named Nelda brought some of her coworkers in today. Three out of the four of them (all but Nelda) had pistols in their pockets. (Nelda works for the Haltom City Police Dept.) Anyway, one of them -who was carrying a pistol- asked if I could play any AC DC music. Gee, I had to tell him that none of that music is in my repertoire. Then I played "Tennessee Waltz", trying to keep him from drawing his gun. (I guess I shouldn't kid about that.)

That reminds me, I DO have a Rolling Stones' song in my repertoire. "Paint It Black" was requested by a friend when I first started playing there. Donnie was kidding, of course.... but I got it! And I played it. (My rendition of it is not the best.)

By the way, my most requested songs are (in about this order): "Beauty and The Beast", "Moon River", any WESTSIDE STORY song, "How Great Thou Art", "God Bless the USA", and anything from PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. Oh, and "Last Date" - made famous by Floyd Cramer- has been a favorite lately. As has been "Tumbling Tumbleweeds". (I'm really good on that one.)
'Course certain customers have their favorites: C.J.'s is "Country Roads"; Morris's is anything by Johnny Cash; Jennifer's is anything from THE SOUND OF MUSIC; my mother's is "Lara's Theme" from DOCTOR ZHIVAGO or "O Danny Boy".
Oh, and there's an older couple who come in that likes me to play songs like "She'll Be Coming Around the Mountain" and "Oh Susanna". Ha!

Life is fun.


richterihart said...

You know you live in Texas when 3 out of 4 people are armed! (whether or not they work for a police department)

I wish I could sit and play piano like you do! I'm jealous. :)

Nancy said...

Ha, that's funny, Teri!!
(Well, not that you're jealous.)

Unknown said...

i used to go to Luby's on sundays too and the fried fish! we used to go to that one in bedford, i'm sad that it's closed!

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