Sunday, October 18, 2009


... I think this has been one of the most beautiful days in, well, my life.

The weather is incredible.

And my husband preached an AWESOME sermon today at church. In it he told about his episode with road rage a while back. He was illustrating how human we all are. I like that. He's human. He lets me be human (well, of course)... and everybody else be human. Yay! Oh, the sermon title was "Finding God's Grace in Imperfect Relationships". Oh, we don't call it a 'sermon' at our church. It's a 'talk'.

My son sang a solo today at church, also. He did an GREAT job. (Proud mama keeps on braggin'.) And I got to sit in the audience - refreshed - by the fact that I could sleep late and come to the second service. Yay!

That reminds me, lately I've noticed the word 'Yay' being spelled like that. I think that's something new, right? Didn't it used to be 'Yea'?

I just want to be correct.


Being Beth said...

Yay is a derivative of the word yea, and started back in the 1960's, so it's not exactly new, but then again, in the whole scheme of the evolution of the English language, it is quite new.

Glad you had such a nice day today.

Nancy said...

Thanks, Beth!!

laura said...

I always think of "Yea" as being the same as "Yeah." That's why I say "Yay" when I mean . . . well . . . yay. But that's just my take on it.


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