Monday, November 9, 2009

Christmas card preview!

Friday night Mother and her grandkids, great grandkids, and I posed for some pictures, one of which Mother will use for her Christmas cards this year.
Bailey (Will's girlfriend) used my little camera, and Ryan (Laura's boyfriend) used Will's 'professional' camera. I haven't seen the professional ones but was really impressed with Bailey's 'amateur' pics.
Here is one...(From back row left: John, Elizabeth's husband; Cap (my twin Peggy's firstborn) and his wife Lindsey. Middle row: Elizabeth (Peggy's second born) holding Andrew.
First row: Caroline (Elizabeth's oldest); my mother; Laura (my second born); me; Will (my firstborn).
Have you noticed who is missing in these pictures? ????
Well, Sam-the-man was in the bedroom... not wanting to expose the rest of us to whatever he had (still has). The plan is - this very week - to get him photo-shopped in - right next to Lindsey in the back row.

The next picture was taken right before the above picture. I really like it. Notice the three females in the middle. They're having their own special little time together...I think that's sweet.

In closing, here is a quick pic of my mother. I took this before anybody else came. She was decorating the Christmas tree. (We had just taken the autumn stuff off, to get it ready for our Christmas picture-taking fun.)One classy lady, huh?

And yes, this is the absolute earliest I've ever put my Christmas tree up....

And no, I haven't done ANY Christmas-gift shopping yet at all.

One. thing. at. a. time.


laura said...

Great pictures! That was a fun night.

Marian Adrian said...

Great looking family Nancy! And I love the picture of your mother.

sara [at] journey of doing said...

LOVE them... and especially love the one of Mother hanging the ornament on the tree. Can't wait to see Sam photoshopped in... lol

Anonymous said...

fuuuuun times! made a decision on which one is best yet? and how was your trip on sunday?

Nancy said...

Hey summerfarming! No we haven't made a decision on which pic. I haven't seen the ones you took. Can't wait, though. Will and is coming over tomorrow and showing them to me.

My trip Sunday was good. Long, and tiring, but good. Very good. The mother/son reunion was WONDERFUL.
Thanks for asking.

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