Tuesday, November 17, 2009

For today...

Whose kitchen does this look like?
If you've been in mine, you'd say MINE! (Well, not yours, mine.)
I was doing my HGTV Rate-My-Space-looking when I saw this picture.
'Course my first thought: this is blog-worthy!

If you look close you can tell that the room directly in the back of that kitchen is a dining room. In our house it is our (cluttered) laundry room/pantry.
[I need to take a picture of our kitchen.
When I get home I will.]

Right now I'm in COLD (and windy) Oklahoma City. Brrr. I brought my heavy coat AND my light-weight coat. I HATE being cold.

Speaking of that makes me think of the coldest I have EVER been... which translates into the MOST MISERABLE I have ever been...
I was 22 years old, teaching English and Speech in Mission Junior High (Go Eaglets). I was also a volunteer with the McAllen High School's Campus Life organization. (Similar to Young Life.) Anyway, I got a chance to go - for free- on a ski trip as a sponsor with that group. I had enough money to buy a ski parka and ski boots. THEN my car needed to be worked on, so that money had to go to my car.
Not to worry. I had been told how to dress to ski without ski clothes. You just take jeans, warm sweaters, a coat (which was kind of light-weight, since I lived in the lower Rio Grande Valley and no one wears a heavy coat down there) and Scotch Guard them (that's spray stuff you can put on cloth furniture to keep liquids from soaking in.) So I took the Scotch Guard spray with me on the trip.
Oh, another thing you need is long underwear. I didn't want to waste my money on that when I had pajamas with feet in them.
For shoes I just wore my regular ones.

At that point in my life I didn't care if I didn't look like a skier.

I didn't.

We go to the ski place (near Santa Fe) and I have sprayed myself completely and think I am ready to go. It was Jan. 3, 1975. (Surely that was the coldest day on record in that area.)
Anyway, we had to wait for 2 hours outside - to rent our skis.
I thought my feet were going to freeze completely off.

Oh, did I tell you I had never skied before? Well, once we got the skis and took the beginner's class, I found out that I was not a born skier. I fell and fell and fell and fell, and was absolutely miserable. That Scotch Guard quit working after the first fall.

Then, one of our teens had altitude sickness and needed a sponsor to stay with her - inside- the rest of the trip. My lucky break! I volunteered.

That was the last time (and only time) I've skied. EVER. I've been on ski trips...many.... and I always enjoy a good book, and lots of hot chocolate.

Sorry if this is a longer post than usual.
I'm sitting here waiting for folks to get out of a meeting so we can go eat out. .... and well, why not record that episode of my life?
AND it makes me not feel so cold up here in Oklahoma.


sara [at] journey of doing said...

Your first ski trip sounds like my last one, minus the beginner class. I'm not a skier, but I love me some hot chocoate!

I do think that looks like your kitchen, except of course, yours is prettier!

Stay warm in OKC. It's chilly here, too.

laura said...

That's weird! (about the kitchen) OUrs is obviously better though.

You were always a good sport momma--going on all our ski trips but never skiing. It was nice to always have someone to sit with when I wanted to take a break.

Diana said...

Amazing...I had to do a double take...that is uncanny...well, goes to show HGTV doesn't have decorating cornered!!

Unknown said...

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