Friday, November 13, 2009

Going on eleven days....

Sam has had a fever for almost eleven days now. It hasn't been very high... and that's the reason he hasn't gone to the doctor.


I'm thinking it's doctor time now.

It's gone on long enough.

I miss him!

This guest room is getting lonely.

Ah, but I did have fun tonight at Bear Valley's Thanksgiving Banquet.
My date was my mom.

.... but I DID miss my honey.

[Pray for him, will you?]

Here we are in the photobooth at Justin and Amber's fun wedding last month...

[I just LOVE those pictures!]

[Don't forget to pray for him.]


Sara Elizabeth said...

These are FANTASTIC pictures! I love them!

Please get Sam to the doctor... That doesn't sound good. He's probably just as stubborn as my stepdad though.

Time to pull rank, Aunt Nancy!

Praying for him!

Elizabeth H. said...

Fun pics! Sam definitely should go to the doctor... 11 days is way too long for an adult!

laura said...

Yeah I agree, I think it's doctor time too


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