Friday, November 20, 2009

Last night...

... we had our last Bible study group meeting. It was a ten week study, and it was VERY interesting.
We read THE SHACK by William P. Young and discussed it each week - with an intense look at a passage of Scripture that related to that week's reading.

Here are some pictures from last night...Above, from left, Karin, Kay, Charlie.

Mother-Margaret and Andy
(Whoa. That's weird. My dad's name was Andy.... (Mm. That's still hard to say in the past tense).

Laura, Doug and Jim.
Hmm. Doug and Jim didn't get the smile memo.

Doug, Shiloh and Laura.

Karin and Shiloh.

Don't ask me why I don't have a picture of Sam, the leader.

Lots were absent. Amanda was at a Stars game (she got free Platinum tickets!), Mrs. Graves was in Frisco visiting a very sick granddaughter (pray for Kristen); Traci and Erich were out of town, I think; Mark (Kay's husband) had to work late, I think. Let's see, if you're in the group and I totally didn't mention your name, well, chalk it up to ... forgetfulness.

In closing, here's a picture of our kitchen... just because it's like that one in the previous post (below)... on HGTV Rate My Space...

I think they look alike, don't you?
(Oh, I didn't get a picture of our kitchen table and chairs... that are almost exactly like those in that below picture.)

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