Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sam's in!

Sam finally made it to the Christmas picture party!
I've had three people in line to do the photoshopping: Will, Elizabeth (waiting in the wings if needed), and Lorrie... and Lorrie did it, in spite of her busy-busy schedule. Thanks Lorrie!!!!

That's Lorrie on the left.
(I stole her facebook pic.)

Oh, that family picture is just the rough draft. Lorrie said she might take the 'noise' out.
(Hmm. I don't hear anything.)


laura said...

That's awesome! Next year we could just photoshop everyone in and not even have to take a picture! You could also make everyone look a little older.

But that would be less fun I suppose

Being Beth said...

Wow -- photoshop is amazing. Lorrie did a great job. I think Laura is too young -- she thinks aging a year would be a good idea??? I think next year Lorrie could just photoshop in new photo's of Caroline and Andrew and change everybody's clothes, leave the wrinkles the same, LOL! Well, that sounds hard. Guess you'll all just have to pose and then let Lorrie remove the aging.

What a lot of nothing I've written -- it's a great photo of a wonderful family.

Elizabeth H. said...

Wow !!!! It looks like he was always there!

sara [at] journey of doing said...

Lorrie did a great job!!! I can't even tell!

Unknown said...

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