Thursday, November 12, 2009


I got my Gloria's fix today!
Beth and I did our usual: we split the "Nancy's Favorite" platter. (Yes, it IS aptly named "Nancy's Favorite" (but only on the lunch menu).)

We left a generous tip... for two reasons: 1) we split the meal, and 2) we stayed so long (though not as long as sometimes).

That makes me want to tell folks that when you stay at a restaurant a long time, leave a big tip. I mean, some folks come to the tea room and stay three hours (yes, three hours) and leave a dollar tip. Hello?! The waiters refill your drinks every so often, and well, you're holding up that table. Grr.

Oh, I recently read on Facebook (by an angry FB friend) that because of the economy Oprah was suggesting folks just leave a 10% tip at restaurants. Boy that made me mad at her. Ah, but then I read that that Oprah 'tip' was just a rumor. So don't be mad at Oprah for something she didn't do (say).

In closing - and having nothing to do with tipping... here's a picture I like...One reason I like this picture so much is that Caroline looks EXACTLY like Elizabeth did at that age.


And so sweet. mm.

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Elizabeth H. said...

I LOVE that picture. It warms my heart. Love it, love it.

And I've gotten better about tipping, but I used to think that you were supposed to leave $2.... no matter the bill. So that's what I always left. I didn't know about 15% rules or doubling the tax or anything like that. (This was in high school and college). Can you believe?!

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