Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ah, the inspiration....

... of Elizabeth's decorations.....

(Elizabeth made all of these stockings.)

(Under this big clock is Elizabeth's great grandmother's pie safe.)

(This is an antique from Coco (John's grandmother). It is over a hundred years old, I think.)

(I believe in Santa, too. I think it is wonderful to believe in Santa!)

Oh, I forgot the Christmas tree!
It was (is) elegant in its simplicity.

All of my niece's house was (is) done beautifully.

She has a knack, that girl.
Oh, she's a lady.

And I'm so glad I'm her aunt.



Elizabeth H. said...

Aww thank you for showcasing my house!!!!! It was fun to decorate for Christmas!!! You need to post picture of YOUR house, too because it is BEAUTIFUL!!!

sara [at] journey of doing said...

Gorgeous! I love all her decorations, too... especially the polka dot red plates! You ladies have such style... I need to take notes!

laura said...

So cute! I liked the ornaments hanging from the chandelier

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