Friday, December 11, 2009

I didn't put out all of Christmas this year . . .

. . . I rebelled.

I have some ornaments
and some manger scenes
and some fake poinsettias
that are back in the attic.

'Course they're not the meaningful ones.
They're the ones I bought myself.
On a whim.

'Course that doesn't negate them.
I mean, I matter.
If I liked them then they matter.

But still
I have relegated them to the attic.

And somehow that gives me some control over my life!

All of that Christmas stuff will not be the boss of me!

So there.


Being Beth said...

You are singing my song, lady. Nothing like having to establish firm boundaries between yourself and Christmas decorations. LOL!!!

Nancy said...

Yes, Beth...boundaries with Christmas decorations! Good way to put it!

laura said...

You go momma! As long as we have a tree and a few nativity scenes I'm satisfied. All I have in my apartment is one string of dinky christmas lights in the window of my room.

richterihart said...

You all are doing better than we are! We still don't have the tree up, although we're fixin' to do that this weekend.

Marian Adrian said...

I did the same thing, Nancy. I just stopped decorating and put things back up. Good thing I have 2 mangers out though b/c Finn LOVES playing with baby Jesus and all the animals. :)


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