Saturday, January 30, 2010

It's a cold Saturday afternoon...

...and I'm sitting here thinking about what a good week it has been.

Everyday was good, but a highlight was Thursday when I had lunch with my daughter's future mother-in-law and sister-in-law, Vicki and Victoria. How wonderful they are! I had my camera with me, but our conversation was so intense that I completely forgot to get a picture!
I did find this one in my 'files'... of Laura and future sis-in-law, Victoria, on Dec. 20. (Here, Laura is changing her Facebook relationship status to engaged!)Neither of those girls has had a sister before... so you can imagine how close they're getting.
Before I ate with Vicki and Victoria I dropped my mother off at her friend's house in Rowlett.Billie, on the right, had made a delicious key lime cake (yes, cake) as part of Mother's early birthday present... and I got to be part of the party after my lunch with the Maxwells.
Yesterday was one of those nothin'-doin' days, of which I need every so often. They recharge my batteries. What makes those days really nice is when the weather is cold and wet,and all I want to do is stay home - and can.

Well, I have other things to tell you about - like what fun I had today playing in the tea room - but I'll call it quits as far as blogging.

I'm running out of steam.

I guess I need a nothin'-doin' evenin'.

Sounds like a plan.

Friday, January 29, 2010

My calendar can beat your calendar....

My creative daughter gave me the most wonderful calendar for Christmas. Nowhere in the world is there a better one (daughter or calendar).She made it from pictures she got from my blog!

Here's this month... You can see my picture on my birthday... and Rob's on his...
(And yes, I'm actually writing on it.... )

I'll show you February... when it's February.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"No Perfect People Allowed" . . .

. . . this is a GREAT church series' title, in my opinion.

It's Bear Valley's series now.

And here is Fellowship of the Parks' series' title (where Sam has been working part time): NEW YEARS' FEARS. One of the talks is about "Fear of Death". Another one is "Fear of the Unknown" and the last is "Fear of Being Found Out".

I think those are great topics.

At Bear Valley this past week - where I went - the talk by Lee was GREAT (especially considering he had just gotten back from a mission trip to India).

The music was also GREAT.

(I keep using that word - 'great'.)
(I can't help myself.)

Here is a picture of the music team for last Sunday . . .

And here's a closeup of Will, playing the mandolin...

After church someone asked him how many instruments he can play. ... He couldn't answer offhand.

Let's see: guitar, bass, keyboard, some drums, mandolin, banjo, a little flute-thing, and who knows what else?

Oh, and he sings and writes music.

That's my boy.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's Tuesday night and I rant . . .

Had lunch with Beth today at Gloria's. Always fun. We split the "Nancy's Favorite". YUM.

On a different note: I'm enjoying my no-fuss, buffed nails.

Yes, I'm going to talk about nails.
It's foo-foo, but it's my blog.

I've been-there-done-that in every way with my nails.
Solar nails, acrylic nails, French manicure, painted red, painted clear. Now: buffed. Yeah. BUFFED. It's my new 'rage'. My hands don't look as pretty as when I have the fake nails on, but I'm in the mood to be more practical.

Well, let me say, I do believe that fake nails HAVE a place in a woman's life - they DO cost time and money, but they actually CAN simplify your (my) life - in that every 2-3 weeks you get them 'done' and in the meantime, you just have fun... and don't pick at your (my) cuticles.

If you're from up north - or Colorado or Wyoming - you don't know the fascination with fake nails.

Texas ladies do.

They (fake nails) can be addictive.

... but you CANNOT play the guitar with them.

[This is my blog. ....I get to 'talk' about whatever I want.]

Monday, January 25, 2010

Another one of Will's clever gifts . . .

Will always gives me clever gifts.

These lights (there are 2 sets) he gave me for Christmas. He bought them at the LoneStar Antique Mall... which was highlighted in the previous post.

Those lights aren't antiques, I guess you know.

Ah, but the round table they're sitting on IS an antique. It was my Grandmother Jennie's... and I love it!

I read somewhere that for something to be an official 'antique' it must be over 100 years old. (That tells you that that table is OLD.)

If something just looks old, but is younger than 100 years, you call it 'vintage'.

Oh, and those chairs, they're not even vintage. I got them at Albertson's last summer. They used to sit out by the pool, with their matching table. . . but they got promoted.

Have a great week.

I'll be back....

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Some whimsy from LoneStar . . .

A former Sutherlands' hardware place, LoneStar is very plain on the outside . . .

But inside, it is anything but plain . . .

Here's what you see now, on your right when you walk in the front door (click to make larger). . .

And in the very back Jennifer has a darling new boutique . . .
Here's just some of it . . .

I walked around some this week and found these treasures . . .

. . . a vintage Valentine . . .

Some mugs . . .

. . . a sign I like...

... cups and saucers - perfect for a card game (see me taking the picture?). . .

. . . and a wall hanging made just for me . . .

. . . oh, and some unique plates made for Sam . . .

and magnets . . .

. . . oh, and some not-so-typical cookie jars! . . .Yes, those three are cookie jars.

Oh, and here's a good sign to end with. . .

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A budding artist . . .

. . . came to see me today . . .

. . . as did her brother . . .. . . who was clearly thinking, "Aunt Nancy, do you ALWAYS have to take my picture?"

Well, yes.

Of course.

Ah, but maybe I don't need you to pose ALL the time.

I mean, I AM against child beauty pageants.

( . . . ah, but those folks haven't seen C & A!)

[I can get silly on this blog-thing.]

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A zillion . . .

I have a zillion things to do. Or is that a bazillion?

Yet here I sit, just wanting to blog.

Yesterday my mom put her house up for sale. Whoa. Big step. Overwhelming step.

... Ah, but the visit to the "Gracious Retirement Living" of that retirement place, with the visiting of those happy ladies, and measuring the apartment to find out that, yes, the harvest table DOES fit (!), made it all exciting!

I, of course, had to ask, "How old do you have to be to get in here?"

Turns out that is one place for which I'm too young .


I'm ready!!

Different note completely: My little girl is getting married July 17.

The way time flies that will be here in about 3 weeks!

She and Ryan have set up a website on THE KNOT.

As the mother-of-the-bride I think it is okay (or not?) that I give you the link to their site. Click HERE for that.

(They want you to know the website is a work in progress.)

(And I want you to know that I will try not to be too pushy in their wedding plans... and life. . . even though I did just give you a click to their site.)

Please let me know, everyone, if I'm saying too much.
(I never have to worry about saying too little.)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

It's Sunday...

The skiers are back, safe and sound (for the most part).... and they brought Sam and me this precious picture-gift...

The reason they wrote those thank you notes on the frame is that the trip was a gift to Laura for her college graduation in August. Though it was in ritzy Vail they stayed in a kind of cheap, outdated condo, so the cost wasn't too out of this world. Oh, and they cooked all their own meals, except one.

Here's the picture a little bigger... (from left:Will, Bailey, Chris, Linh, Rachael, Laura, Ryan.)

You can't tell in that picture, but one of Bailey's knees was (is) swollen. She ran into a pole and hurt her knee badly enough that she couldn't ski the last day. I'm (and she's) glad she didn't break it. (That was the only injury reported.)

On a much different note: Michael Hatcher spoke in church today ... and that brother can preach!! He had everyone riveted to their seats. (Is that the expression?) Anyway, you could have heard a pin drop in that auditorium. Oh, and he created quite a buzz because when you walked into the building a greeter handed you a Burger King crown. (Well, if you wanted it.) Near the end of Michael's talk he had everyone put their crowns on - and he talked about laying our crowns at the feet of Jesus. Then we all sang "We Fall Down" and whoever wanted to could come to the front and put their crown on the floor in front of the huge wooden cross. Almost everyone did so. It was amazing. And very touching.

Before the service some put theirs on - for fun - and, of course, I was blog-ready....

Oh, we also had a special prayer and offering for the Haiti earthquake victims.

And we're looking forward to having our India group come back by Thursday to give us a report.

Have a great week.

Friday, January 15, 2010

So far I've kept the fish alive. . .

The skiers are coming back from Colorado tomorrow... and I will have to give the fish back. It's amazing how entertaining - and relaxing - they are.
I will miss them.

And here are some others who are going to miss them....
So sweet.
Oh, and I think Shiloh will miss them. (At first, he didn't know what to think.)

Well, on a different note: If your name is Sara Elizabeth, know this, I finally opened your precious, darling, wonderful birthday note to me! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
You see, we have this mail box now that is a bottomless pit. It's great when we go out of town for a few days because it means we don't have stop our mail. We use a key to get to it and well, we can just let it accumulate, even when we're in town.
I know, it's hard to believe that we don't eagerly check our mail everyday. Hmm. What does that say about us? (Don't answer.)
Anyway, I say all that to say why I just opened your letter, Sara! I love it. I put it on my little bulletin board in the kitchen for all my world to see. !!

Have a great weekend.

(P.S. I'm not asking for a fish tank with fish.)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Robertson needs to be quiet . . .

It is so horrible what has happened in Haiti.

Pat Robertson is mouthing off about the why.
Good grief.
(Would that we all would know the why.)

Click HERE for an EXCELLENT essay written in response to Robertson. It is written by Dr. James Denison, President of the Center for Informed Faith. It is really good.

Also, Donald Miller wrote on his blog about Robertson's comments. I linked it on Facebook because I liked it so much, and will here. Click HERE for that blog post.

That's it for now.

I feel pretty fortunate I have a roof over my head.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Random food thoughts....

We're in Oklahoma City for our monthly board meetings.

It's always a time where I let myself go, food-wise.

By that I mean, we eat out and we eat well.

And I let myself fully enjoy it.

Well, I just saw on Fox News that the government wants to keep us healthy by restricting our salt intake.

Good grief. Life is too short for me to do that... and enjoy life.

'Course it may shorten my life... but it's my life. Not the government's.

(I just had to rant a little.)

Oh, speaking of food....
at Panera Bread one of their sides now is a delicious mac 'n cheese. I tasted Laura's a while back. YUM.

And on this food note, let me say that I do permit myself to overeat once a month.
Sadly, lately, though, I've overeaten A LOT more often.

When we get back tomorrow night .... I will go to bed with the resolve to not overeat until the next month's meetings!!!

Hold me to that, okay?

I've always liked this thought:
Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.

I need to remember that!!!!!!!!!!!

(I know. Last year I said I wasn't going to start the year with a diet.....
Well, that was last year. This is a new year.....
.... starting day after tomorrow.)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A lot has been happening . . .

. . . a delicious (and beautiful) cake, for example.This was the dessert at Caroline Carmack's darling baby shower I went to in Arlington yesterday. (So fun.)

Here are Caroline's mother, Charlsa, Caroline, and her sister, Annie, who studies opera in the John Hopkins graduate school in Baltimore (and who also makes a wonderful cake)...

The house - where the shower was - is so unique, and gorgeous. Caroline's brother, Chason, and his wife Cassie basically built this house themselves. I mean, they designed it... and have done most of the interior work themselves. You have to see it to believe it...

This next picture shows you the look out back (love the big window - looking out on the tall trees).... and, of course, this picture shows some of the shower attendees. Lots of precious little girls... all ages!...

I show this next picture to let you see the beautiful ceiling...I wish I'd taken a picture of the bathroom. It had the most beautiful bowl as the sink. (We need to get HOUSE BEAUTIFUL to come and take pictures.)

Well, it looks as if I was more interested in the house than the shower honoree.
No, no .....
Here we are......Caroline will make a great mother. I'm so glad Rob married her!
Well, that shower was yesterday....

Here's what happened early-early this morning... the skiers left for Colorado!!(back row from left: Chris, Bailey, Will, Ryan; front row: Rachael, Linh, Laura. - I think Ryan surely has a pocket, but if his hand gets cold he can at least use Laura's vest, right?)
After they left, I went back to sleep... and then woke up at 10:30 to go to the second service at church...

At the end of that worship service, the group that is leaving for India Tuesday came to the front and shared a little bit about what they are doing...They're working with Aids' orphans and also leading a Purpose-Driven-Journey seminar for church starters in Hydrabad, India. They'll be there ten days.

Here John Gregory is saying a prayer for them...

And here's who I'm particularly praying for on the trip, wonderful Amanda...She's quite the missionary. In December she went on a mission trip to Mexico (her second or third) ... and this India trip is her second or third.

After church, we had a meeting at our house of the music, drama, and tech team from church. We were meeting with our new worship leader, Roger Burk (WONDERFUL FELLA)...

Here's Roger with his wife Michelle, and my Sam . . .

Here Roger is sharing his thoughts with the group. (Exciting thoughts, by the way.)Roger seems to be just the right person for Bear Valley. (Thank you, Lord.)
Finally, ... on a sad note, this beautiful family (John, Elizabeth, Caroline and Andrew) was expecting another little one this summer... but this week they lost the baby. It was on the day of my twin sister's ('Grandma's') birthday (and mine)... so Elizabeth and I were saying Peggy got to hold her little grandchild in heaven on her birthday. . . .

There is definitely wonderfully comforting sweetness in that thought.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


I woke up thinking about deleting that picture of me blowing those candles out in the previous post.

There was a time when I would never ever have let that picture be put on the internet
there was a time when I would never ever even have had a blog,
much less one with my name on it.

And there was a time when I would never ever have been on Facebook.


I guess I'm progressing with my life?

... or regressing?

[There. I wrote enough that that picture is not the first thing you see when you come to my blog.]

Friday, January 8, 2010

I take my birthdays very seriously . . .

(Laura told me I look like a character in Dr. Seuss' Whoville here.
I took that as a compliment.)

We didn't have enough candles, of course.

[OH! I almost forgot to talk about Facebook. It is amazing.... especially getting connected with my old Mission High School friends! (Thanks for all the birthday wishes!)]

I'll talk more about Facebook someday, when I get more rested.

(Getting older takes a lot out of a person.)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Yesterday . . .

. . . my mother celebrated my birthday with me a day early by taking me to a special place in Arlington, A TASTE OF EUROPE AND RUSSIA.

She had given me a Faberge egg for Christmas from there and wanted me go with her to pick out another one for my birthday!
I was thrilled.
(And impressed (and humbled) that she would make that long drive by herself in December, just for me.)

Here's the one she gave me for Christmas...(This picture doesn't capture the true beauty of it.)

Here's the birthday egg I picked out yesterday...(Again, sadly no photograph of mine could capture its beauty.)

This next picture gives you a size perspective. That's my watch with the two beauties...

Here's Mother looking at some of the bigger eggs...

While there Mother treated me to lunch!

Here she is waiting for her meal...

Here we both are, halfway through our cabbage roll and rice lunches. They were pretty tasty...

It was a great mother/daughter outing. Thank you so much, Mother! (She's an avid reader of my blog.)

By the way, click HERE for the website of that place.

My next post (tomorrow or the next day) will be about my day today... and how I've been overwhelmed by all the Facebook birthday wishes for me.

Whoa, to think I was going to quit Facebook last spring.
(I thought I wasn't savvy enough for it.)

(Lesson: never underestimate yourself.)

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