Saturday, January 9, 2010


I woke up thinking about deleting that picture of me blowing those candles out in the previous post.

There was a time when I would never ever have let that picture be put on the internet
there was a time when I would never ever even have had a blog,
much less one with my name on it.

And there was a time when I would never ever have been on Facebook.


I guess I'm progressing with my life?

... or regressing?

[There. I wrote enough that that picture is not the first thing you see when you come to my blog.]


caroline said...

I think it's a great picture!! And you looked so beautiful that night!! (and always)

Being Beth said...

I like that picture and even scrolled down to see it again! LOL...

I wonder if one of these days we're not all going to look back at Facebook and blogs and say, "What was I thinking????"

Still, I find blogging fun and Facebook amusing. Sometimes FB gets to me as it often seems to be a place for everyone to post all their petty whines and nauseating Christian guilt lines, but I found out how to remove those folks from my news feed without un-friending them. Sure makes my read more enjoyable.

By the way, Mark told me to tell you he played your hymn CD while he slept at the hotel, and got one of the best nights sleep ever -- your music was so relaxing and peaceful. Not that your music puts him to sleep, haha! He wanted me to tell you thanks.

Nancy said...

Thanks, Beth, for telling me what Mark told you to tell me!
That's what I want my music to be... relaxing.

Thanks so much.


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