Sunday, January 17, 2010

It's Sunday...

The skiers are back, safe and sound (for the most part).... and they brought Sam and me this precious picture-gift...

The reason they wrote those thank you notes on the frame is that the trip was a gift to Laura for her college graduation in August. Though it was in ritzy Vail they stayed in a kind of cheap, outdated condo, so the cost wasn't too out of this world. Oh, and they cooked all their own meals, except one.

Here's the picture a little bigger... (from left:Will, Bailey, Chris, Linh, Rachael, Laura, Ryan.)

You can't tell in that picture, but one of Bailey's knees was (is) swollen. She ran into a pole and hurt her knee badly enough that she couldn't ski the last day. I'm (and she's) glad she didn't break it. (That was the only injury reported.)

On a much different note: Michael Hatcher spoke in church today ... and that brother can preach!! He had everyone riveted to their seats. (Is that the expression?) Anyway, you could have heard a pin drop in that auditorium. Oh, and he created quite a buzz because when you walked into the building a greeter handed you a Burger King crown. (Well, if you wanted it.) Near the end of Michael's talk he had everyone put their crowns on - and he talked about laying our crowns at the feet of Jesus. Then we all sang "We Fall Down" and whoever wanted to could come to the front and put their crown on the floor in front of the huge wooden cross. Almost everyone did so. It was amazing. And very touching.

Before the service some put theirs on - for fun - and, of course, I was blog-ready....

Oh, we also had a special prayer and offering for the Haiti earthquake victims.

And we're looking forward to having our India group come back by Thursday to give us a report.

Have a great week.


Linda O. said...

I happened upon your is so good to read your words (Look who's the writer now!) I think of you often. God bless.

Elisa said...

Vail is a beautiful town for skiing. I prefer it over "ritzy" Aspen.

-Previously a Colorado Citizen.