Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's Tuesday night and I rant . . .

Had lunch with Beth today at Gloria's. Always fun. We split the "Nancy's Favorite". YUM.

On a different note: I'm enjoying my no-fuss, buffed nails.

Yes, I'm going to talk about nails.
It's foo-foo, but it's my blog.

I've been-there-done-that in every way with my nails.
Solar nails, acrylic nails, French manicure, painted red, painted clear. Now: buffed. Yeah. BUFFED. It's my new 'rage'. My hands don't look as pretty as when I have the fake nails on, but I'm in the mood to be more practical.

Well, let me say, I do believe that fake nails HAVE a place in a woman's life - they DO cost time and money, but they actually CAN simplify your (my) life - in that every 2-3 weeks you get them 'done' and in the meantime, you just have fun... and don't pick at your (my) cuticles.

If you're from up north - or Colorado or Wyoming - you don't know the fascination with fake nails.

Texas ladies do.

They (fake nails) can be addictive.

... but you CANNOT play the guitar with them.

[This is my blog. ....I get to 'talk' about whatever I want.]


Deanna said...

Well, girl, you made me laugh. Believe it or not I have never done the fake nails thing. Got spoiled to having a manicure at least once a week when we were living overseas (cheap, cheap, cheap), along with weekly pedicures and massage (also cheap, cheap, cheap). But I LOVE long pretty nails. And I did have a flashback reading your post - I seem to remember you picking your cuticles WAY back when :-D

Have a lovely evening.

Being Beth said...

Wow, Nancy, being mentioned in the same blog post as cuticle picking is right up there at the top of my list of firsts! LOL!!!

I've never had fake nails, and only one manicure in my life -- a gift from a friend when I got engaged. Between flute, piano, babies, and cleaning my house, short nails have always seemed the way to go.

Funny though, I just bought buffing tools a couple weeks ago, and think I like the healthy glow buffing gives my finger tips.

Griffin said...

Hello! Just blogspotting. Great blog! I bookmarked it.

Happy blogging! :)


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