Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"No Perfect People Allowed" . . .

. . . this is a GREAT church series' title, in my opinion.

It's Bear Valley's series now.

And here is Fellowship of the Parks' series' title (where Sam has been working part time): NEW YEARS' FEARS. One of the talks is about "Fear of Death". Another one is "Fear of the Unknown" and the last is "Fear of Being Found Out".

I think those are great topics.

At Bear Valley this past week - where I went - the talk by Lee was GREAT (especially considering he had just gotten back from a mission trip to India).

The music was also GREAT.

(I keep using that word - 'great'.)
(I can't help myself.)

Here is a picture of the music team for last Sunday . . .

And here's a closeup of Will, playing the mandolin...

After church someone asked him how many instruments he can play. ... He couldn't answer offhand.

Let's see: guitar, bass, keyboard, some drums, mandolin, banjo, a little flute-thing, and who knows what else?

Oh, and he sings and writes music.

That's my boy.


Elizabeth H. said...

I like those titles.
I also like when you post pictures of Bear Valley - it is always shocking to me to see how BIG the auditorium is now... when I scroll to look at a picture of BVCC, I keep thinking I'm going to see a movie theater or a school stage or even just the original auditorium, but its always a pleasant reminder at how BIG the church has grown!! Wasn't it 1992??

Nancy said...

Yes, E, it was 1992!
Thanks for your comment.

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