Thursday, January 14, 2010

Robertson needs to be quiet . . .

It is so horrible what has happened in Haiti.

Pat Robertson is mouthing off about the why.
Good grief.
(Would that we all would know the why.)

Click HERE for an EXCELLENT essay written in response to Robertson. It is written by Dr. James Denison, President of the Center for Informed Faith. It is really good.

Also, Donald Miller wrote on his blog about Robertson's comments. I linked it on Facebook because I liked it so much, and will here. Click HERE for that blog post.

That's it for now.

I feel pretty fortunate I have a roof over my head.


caroline said...

I totally agree.
In my opinion, someone should've taken Robertson off the air a long long time ago.
and those articles are really good, especially Donald Miller's, I love him.

Being Beth said...

I agree too Nancy. Good post.

You can put our Gloria's date in ink -- we're ON!!!! Can't wait!


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