Sunday, February 28, 2010


The following is a devotional written by my dear friend, Peggy Werner.
It is so worth your time to read...

Watching Our Words, Wants, and Worries…"Whatever!"
By Peggy Werner

In today’s vernacular, the term “whatever” occurs frequently. “Whatever!” is an expression used to express a multitude of meanings depending on the inflection of voice used, intonation, use of hand gestures, and facial and/or eye expressions.

With a shrug, “Whatever!” can mean “I couldn’t care less.” Holding your hand up and saying “Whatever!” can mean “Your mouth is moving, but I’m no longer listening.” Shaking your head and looking away while saying “Whatever!” may mean, “I think you aren’t being honest with me or you are exaggerating.”

This kind of thinking and blowing people off and even putting off the urging of the Holy Spirit with a single word is a red flag flapping in the breeze. How do you feel when you hear “whatever” spoken by your son, daughter, spouse, friend, or even yourself? Have you really ever thought of it or are you so caught up in the daily whirlwind of postmodern living: DVRs, cellphones, MP3 players, carpool lines, long commutes to work, school, and/or sports, errands, cooking, cleaning or “whatever” else it is that takes up your time? There’s that word again…”what…ever…”

I really began to notice the word “whatever” like a juggernaut in my mind while on my very first cruise this past summer. One of the activities on the ship was BING (which is a whole other topic in itself” and my family decided we would “play.” Well, the bingo caller’s instructions were specific--- if you were one away from having a BINGO, you were to stand up to alert others that you were close to winning. Our Bingo caller was a young 29-year old lady from Australia. She had a distinctive accent and she spoke constantly throughout the game. When people stood up because they were close to BINGO she made a point to play it up by having those who were still sitting to groan or to boo; but then she would say something like, “Well those who are standing and about to BINGO, what do we have to say?” “….Oh, What-ev-er!” After the 6th or 7th “what-ev-er!” from this young lady it got to be downright irritating to me; but it stuck in my mind and rang in my ears. The word “whatever” came up during a recent Bible Study I was in. It struck me a s almost funny when I came across Philippians 4:8-9. I was amazed that Paul repeatedly used the word “whatever in the NIV translation of Philippians 4:8-9 from the Holy Bible.

Here was this word again over and over; but with a difference! Paul asks us to focus on whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is right and whatever is admirable. So the next time you hear yourself or someone else flippantly say “whatever”, stop and take a moment to fill your minds instead with the six things: truth, nobleness, purity, loveliness, righteousness, and all that is admirable in God’s eyes.

May the God of Peace, our Lord and Savior Jesus, the Christ, be with you.

Wasn't that great?

I got her permission this morning at church to publish it on my blog.

Thanks, Peggy!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday night . . .

. . . is my favorite time of the week, I think. ... especially when I can stay home, snug. . . like now.


Sam is home from a big trip to Temple where he met with his doctor/college friend who gave him a thorough medical check-up. Sam got a good report. (Thank you, Lord.)

He said he talked with his doctor friend at length about this health care reform thing that Obama wants to push through. This doctor is NOT liking it not ONE. SINGLE. BIT. ... says he thinks he wants to retire early.

Hmm. We hope he doesn't.
I played today in the tea room. Before I went I told myself I would just play whatever I - me, myself - wanted to play, and not what I thought others wanted me to play.

Well, so much for that.

I can't help myself.

I'm a people pleaser.

Ah, but I am making peace with that. I mean, there are worse things I could be.

I mean, if I think a little girl would like to hear "Part of Your World" from THE LITTLE MERMAID, well, shoot, I will play it.
... And when this lady wanted to hear "Bye, Bye, Blackbird", well, I could try and play that by ear.

I mean, sometimes it's really fun, trying to please people.

Oh, here is my final thing for this post.... a picture that John Carmack took of me with my great nephew..... we're mimicking each other......... This is similar to a picture I posted in my last post.... but, notice the mouth action on the two of us.

Isn't that fun?!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Robert Sawyer Carmack . . .

. . . 8 pounds exactly, 20 3/4 inches, born at 8:40 Tuesday night February 23, 2010
(No, he's not my grandchild... he's my great nephew). . .

Here's Uncle John with his nephew. . .

Here's Great Aunt Nancy with her great (and WONDERFUL) nephew . . .

Just in case you don't know our close connection to Sawyer's dad, Rob, it's this: Rob is Sam's brother's son. That's special enough, of course, but what has made us even closer is that for four years (when Rob was 16, 17, 18, and 19) he lived with us during the summertime. He then was youth director at Bear Valley for several years, and then a teaching pastor there after that.
So you can see we have a special bond with him...
... and with Caroline and Sawyer, too.

What a precious family.

So the Sawyer-blogging starts NOW ....

After 21 & 1/2 hours of labor- with no epidural or anything - Caroline gave birth to little Sawyer last night! !!!!!!!!!!

No, I don't have pics yet (they took him to NICU for 6 hours for observation - so no pics). Also I don't have the stats (weight, height, etc.) yet.

Here's what I have . . .

The waiting room ...

Sawyer's cousin Kohen....He's the sweetest little fella you can imagine. He waited for that baby SO PATIENTLY. I mean it, Kohen was a real trooper.

Finally, Rob tells us what we've been wanting to hear ... and hugs us...... first, of course, Caroline's mom!...

Then he shows us pictures of Sawyer (because we couldn't see him in person just yet)....

Finally, here's a picture of Sawyer's proud Uncle Mac....

You can tell we had a lot of cuteness happening yesterday. Well, besides intense waiting....

No one passed out, by the way.

Well, I better get ready for the day.... and go meet that Sawyer!!!!!

(And yes, he was born on Elizabeth's birthday!!)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!!

She's 28 tomorrow! (which may be today if you read this tomorrow...)

Oh, did you know she was Miss San Antonio USA 2003? Oh, and Miss San Antonio Teen USA 2000?

So she's a beauty.... and the most wonderful thing is that she is even more beautiful on the inside!!

She is one of the most loving, giving people I have ever known.... and the fact that she lives close by is a blessing I never thought I would have. (Thank you, Lord.)


Tonight we celebrated.

She had little Caroline help her blow out the candles, and they were successful, so the wish will come true!

And we had one of her favorites: carrot cake!



Sunday, February 21, 2010

It's a sweet place to be . . .

when you're with family . . . Mother and I were talking Friday night how absolutely wonderful it is that we live close to each other, and to all her grandchildren and great grandchildren.

That picture above was taken that very night.
As part of Elizabeth's birthday gift I offered to babysit Caroline and Andrew so John and Elizabeth could have a date night.
I was thrilled that Mother could join me!

On a different note, you probably thought that I was through with PRIDE AND PREJUDICE?
As with all obsessions, one doesn't get over them easily.

Why, just this past week I saw an article about P&P in this month's CHRISTIANITY TODAY, of all things.
My first thought: it's everywhere, it's everywhere!

That article addressed the fact that - in this Valentine month - regular guys just aren't Mr. Darcy. They're just not. (Click HERE for the article.)

It made me think of the afternoon that Sam (and Will, Bailey and I) watched the 1995 PRIDE & PREJUDICE miniseries. We were (I was) engrossed in it. Mesmerized.
All of a sudden, out of the blue, just when Lizzy and her aunt and uncle were riding in a carriage close by to Pemberley, home of Mr. Darcy, Sam asked, "Do any of you (meaning Will, Bailey or me) happen to know when horses became domesticated?"

Ha! In the middle of that intriguing part of the story, he asked that.

I thought that was so funny.
And so Sam.

And yes, Sam IS my Mr. Darcy.

[By the way, during the show Sam googled and found out that horses were domesticated in 4,000 B.C. in the Ukraine.]

Friday, February 19, 2010

More good thoughts . . .

From my previous post you know that I've been thinking about healing places to remember.
It is very wonderful - to do that.

Now I'm going to think about good 'things' to remember ....

Food, of course, comes to mind!....

... like my Granddaddy Earl's raisin sour cream pie. (I found this picture just now through a google search.)
Actually, I'm not so much thinking of the pie itself, but the fact that my diabetic Granddaddy would make it for all of us. He was always making goodies for us, and never able to enjoy them himself.
So I guess I'm not so much thinking about things here, or food, but my Granddaddy Earl.

What a wonderful man to think about ... and not just about his cooking.

We all have downright good folks in our lives, who just by thinking about them, make us feel better.

If you'd like, tell me about one of yours in a comment, okay?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Home Sweet Home . . .

As my husband and my mother will verify, I have always been a homebody.

There is no place like home.

So I'm happy now.

We're home.

We've been to the north of the Red River. Now we're back.

Cozy and snug.

Back in 1989, after my twin died of cancer, I went to a Christian counselor. (You'll see how this relates.)

This counselor helped me in many ways.

One way was this: she had me think of places I'd been that were 'safe places'. Places that made me feel good. Warm, and accepted. .... Loved.

She suggested I think about those places .... dwell on them ... that I 'go there' in my mind. Walk around. 'Be there.' And let them help me with my grief. Let them be what Philippians 4:8 means. (I have that up on top of the side bar now.)

'Course everywhere I 'went' Peggy would be there. We never went anywhere, growing up, without each other. Never.
I thought it would be too painful to think about places in my past... but no, NO.... it helped me so much. SO MUCH.

I say all that to say that the main place I 'went to' when I was going through that counseling in '89 was 3/4 N. Bryan Rd. in Mission, Texas. That was my home... where I grew up (from the third grade on).

I would 'go there' in my mind lots of times back in 1989, when my counselor recommended that ... and since then.... and even today (obviously).

Sadly, some of my blogreaders don't have a good, 'safe' home to think about. But you can think of some place that is wonderful. A neighbor's home. A best friend's home. Why, when I think about it I have A LOT of homes to think about... and not just from my childhood. ... I think of Nana and Daddy Bob's home in Oklahoma. You can't imagine how much love was in that home. The memories from there are SO healing. (I think about that house on Marion VERY often. I like to 'walk through it.')

Also, of course, I think of WHITE HAVEN in little Colfax, Texas. My parents built a home there and moved in in 1977. It was my great grandfather's (Will White's) homesite... and the most wonderful place you can imagine. My kids, Will and Laura, and Peggy's kids, Cap and Elizabeth, have memories from there that will last them their whole lifetime. And they will tell their children and grandchildren about WHITE HAVEN ... where they rode horses (Bullet, Prize, Cherry Muffin, Freckles, El Cid (I think I'm forgetting some), and had hay rides out to the back creek and, perhaps the best part, were pulled on a 'pony cart' by Freckles with my dad being the 'driver'. And there were the Bible readings every morning after breakfast.... oh, and playing Donkey Kong... oh, and the Fourth of July reunions when sometimes well over 100 people from the Will White family would gather under the big trees - with their covered dishes and sweet tea. (Oh my, so many memories.)
(My parents lived there until Oct. '04, when they moved to the Metroplex to be near me.)
Talk about a 'healing-memory-place'.

Well, I started this post with the idea of writing about being glad to be home tonight.

Right now I have tears in my eyes ....
... and I'm feeling very loved... and very much at peace.

Memories can be so wonderful.


I so hope that you, dear blog reader, have memories that will help you, too.
Surely you have some.

Go there... and give yourself some time to just sit and 'walk around'.

(You might need a tissue.)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sticker fun!

Two out of four of these fun people delighted us with stickers last night...

Monday, February 15, 2010

I am joining the Colin Firth fan club ...

Years ago we had a neighbor that was part of the Scott Bakula fan club.
Bakula is the actor who played the lead on the TV series QUANTUM LEAP back in the early nineties. Then later he was the captain on the STAR TREK series ENTERPRISE.
Well, Teresa was an official member of Bakula's fan club. A die hard member. She gave new meaning to the word FANatic.
I thought it was kind of ridiculous.

Until now. . . after watching the 1995 BBC/A&E PRIDE AND PREJUDICE miniseries with Will, Bailey and Sam last Friday.

That Colin Firth was SO GOOD in it....

It's like I'm a school girl again.... wanting his autograph.

I know.
I'm getting silly.


On a completely different and more serious note, Baylor has a new president: Ken Starr, the ex-Clinton prosecutor! Who would have thought?! ... And yet the people I know - who have been part of the process -are very excited about it.
Since I hold those people in high regard I'm joining the excitement.


On still a different note: the snow is almost gone.
It was pretty while it lasted... but it DID wreak havoc on some folks' lives: While I was complaining about an almost broken coffee maker, Beth had 40 hours of no electricity!!
Thanks for putting things in perspective, Beth.

Since I have immersed myself in one of Jane Austen's books this month it is only appropriate that I use a background template called "Lost in Jane Austen"!
(Seriously, that's the name of the SHABBY BLOG background template I'm using now.)
I've used it before, but now it has meaning.

Well, I better stop blogging for today.
I've got places to go and people to see and things to do.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Valentine's reminds me of elementary school.... and my twin and I taking lots of time to go through our store-bought packages of valentines to make sure we didn't give a Valentine to a boy that said "I Love You".
Horrors, the idea of that.

Valentine's also reminds me of the sweetheart banquets at our church when I was in junior high and high school. It was the ONLY time I would ask a boy on a date. (The first few years I'd usually call Hubert (Bill) Thompson.)
We'd go to my church's (First Baptist) banquet and then the next night, or weekend, to his church's (Conway Ave. Baptist Church). We'd dress up ... and usually have a good time. We'd usually double date with Peggy and her fella, whoever that may be.
Last night Bear Valley had a sweetheart banquet of sorts... a LUAU! Sadly, Sam and I had to miss it. :(
Ah, but he and I have been to many sweetheart banquets in our married days. We've even been the king and queen... which is easy to be when you're the pastor and pastor's wife. You kind of have an 'in'.
We have one picture of us kissing madly in front of the whole congregation at one of those banquets. The church people started yelling, 'GET A ROOM!'

And we did.


I hope you have a great day.

Sam and I are visiting a different church that he's supposed to visit as a project of his.
Should be interesting.....
Then we'll eat out (my favorite thing to do).


Isn't that Valentine darling at the top of this post?
Lately I've been trying not to put anything on my blog that isn't 'legal' to do so. ....sooooo I did a google search for public domain Valentines... and found her!

She makes me think of a bumper sticker a Dutch friend of mine used to have:

Friday, February 12, 2010

Winter Wonderland Even More Beautiful. . .

That is what we woke up to this morning!
My jaw is still on the floor.

We almost had a catastrophe, though.
No, no trees caved into our house. (One caved into our backyard, but we think that's okay.)

The catastrophe was the coffee pot.

It quit!

Sam and I are serious coffee drinkers.

He was willing to brave the weather to go get us some.... ah, but we thought, 'maybe we just need to clean the pot?'

We did (need to and clean it) and we're good to go.
(Vinegar is a wonderful thing.)

Stay warm, y'all.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Winter Wonderland . . .

I spent the night with Mother last night... and woke up to WONDER! (Unfortunately the pictures I took from her breakfast nook didn't look very good... so you'll just have to imagine the beauty in her backyard...(Ah, but your imagination can't do it justice. Mmm.)

On the way home I was in heaven. I had the Spa music station on ....which, of course, helped make everything look even more beautiful.

When I got home I took those above pics. Well, now more snow has fallen. I guess more pictures might be in order.

Oh my. What a great day to be cozy at home.

I can't eat a lot, though, which is easy to do when you're at home, cozy and snug, and the Munchies hit.

You see, I ate enough calories yesterday to last me the rest of the week.
I had an awesome little reunion with former LoneStar gals, Heather and Erin... at Fresco's in Watauga...It was a great visit, ... and great food.
I had the brisket tacos. Oh, and Heather and I shared the tableside guacamole. Oh my.

(I can count on one finger how many times I haven't overeaten Mexican food.)

Life is fun.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

During this Valentine's week .... was only appropriate to go to the bridal shop and have your little girl get her wedding dress altered. Here is where she did it.... Of course she's not in the picture... her fiance sometimes reads my blog.

.... Me, I am in the picture.
Before the altering Laura and I took Mother to LePeep for her birthday lunch... The food is always good there. And it's quiet enough you can talk and be heard.

Speaking of quiet, the bedroom is quiet now and I can hear birds chirping out my window. I think that is one of the sweetest sounds there is.

Have a good day.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Birthday Day Today ...

Last night we celebrated Mother's with a small party . . . If I had been thinking I should have invited John Carmack (top picture) up for the occasion, since his birthday is today, also...... ah, but it looks like he's already celebrated! (Thanks John, for letting me steal your Facebook profile pic without permission.)

Also, today is Susan Prather's dad's 70th birthday. That, of course, is a BIG birthday ... but sadly they won't be having a rip-roaring party. He is having a very, very rough time physically and is in a medical facility in Grapevine. He so needs your prayers, as does the whole family. This is taking a major toll on all of them.

Life is so fragile.

You never know what a day will bring forth...

... but the sun IS shining here today....

... and people are having birthdays all over the world . . .

. . . and Laura and I are going to help Mother celebrate some more . . .

Oh.... and then we're going to go get that wedding dress altered.

Weddings... birthdays....

... and births!... Caroline, we're all waiting. (Nobody more than you, huh?)

(P. S. Pray for Caroline Carmack .... little Sawyer could come any day now.)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

It's February...

I'm thinking that little Valentine on the upper right in the template thing represents Ryan and Laura. (See it?)

And of course you remember that Laura made me the calendar.... which I am SO enjoying.
Well, the Saints won tonight! ... I think that's great for New Orleans... they needed that.

And THE WHO performed! I just wrote on Facebook that Roger Daltrey is 65 and Pete Townshend (yes, with an 'h') is 64. Maybe I can still rock out after all. I mean, I am younger than them.

'Course they did kind of look OLD.
Did you know that Ringo Starr's son was the drummer tonight?

I learned that from Barris....

..... who, by the way, has started a songwriting group at Bear Valley.

I have not been so excited about a group in a LONG time!!!

Oh, and Roger had a worship planning meeting today after church today -before the Super Bowl - ...
How exciting to be apart of a church that is not afraid of doing a Van Halen song in church....
{no, we're NOT a liberal church.... just super contemporary.... but not sacrilegious.... (oh dear.... I'm trying to please everybody............. NO..... I need to STOP doing that..... trying to please everybody.......STOP, Nancy, STOP.)}

I guess I need to stop.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Random I Thinks (RITS)

I think married men should wear wedding bands, unless they have a job that might yank the ring and finger off.

I think, after seeing him interviewed, that Rush Limbaugh has gotten his teeth way over-whitened.

I think televangelism is an embarrassment.

I think Sarah Palin is a little too perky for my tastes.

I think the 'The New Atheists' are crazy. There's this: One of them (Dawkins, I think) was asked just how he thought the world was created without there being a god... he said something like, 'Maybe an intelligent being from another place did it'.
(Can you believe that?)

I think my husband (who always wears his wedding band) is the smartest person I have ever known.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

She's a girly-girl... and he's a boy-y boy....

I stayed with little Caroline and little Andrew yesterday afternoon for a bit, and we watched SNOW WHITE!

How fun was that?!

I was reminded of how Caroline is all-girl when, at the end, when the prince kisses Snow White and she wakes up and they hug, etc., little Caroline started jumping up and down . . . so excited.
'Course the fact that I was cheering and clapping helped her excitement.

Little Andrew just looked at us.
I think I might have detected him rolling his eyes.

Ah, but he enjoyed the movie, too.

Here they are watching it...

Afterwards they colored and drew on their new draw board thing...

After Andrew tired of that he thought he'd shoot some hoops...He made it!

It was a fun afternoon.

Oh my yes.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's after midnight . . .

... and I'm wide awake.

I just saw this picture on Linh's Facebook photo album...

Isn't that a great picture?

I just love that picture!

I think it strikes me in many ways.

For one, Laura is looking straight at me (and you).

Her expression is so relaxed, and happy.

And I think she looks like me - and the White family - in this picture.

Also, her Ryan looks like a model here, don't you think?

And then there's Chris ... looking elsewhere.

There is just something artsy about this picture.


Maybe it's this late hour .... or early....
(Right now it's 2:31 AM. .... Way past my bedtime.)

(When it says right below, "Posted by Nancy at such and such a time" it means the time you (I) started writing.)

Monday, February 1, 2010

It's a stay-at-home day . . .

. . . because I'm 'under-the-weather'.

(Interesting expression.)

Anyway, I am under-the-weather.

Sore throat.
Absolutely no energy.

But, of course, I have the energy to blog.

And I've had the energy to read a book and watch a movie, which are one and the same:


Last night I finished the book (THANK YOU, BAILEY!!!), and this morning I watched the movie. I had thought I wanted to watch the BBC version - with Colin Firth (I always like him) - but I thought it would be too long, and I didn't want to take the time.
Though I'd had seen the Keira Knightley version when it came out a few years ago, I was not mesmerized .... because I hadn't read the book. Well, as soon as I finished the book -which had me mesmerized - Sam and I downloaded the movie. (I couldn't wait to see it - now that I 'knew' it.)

Oh my... I may have to read it and watch it again. !!!

Now you may be thinking, Nancy, how illiterate can you be to just NOW be reading that classic?

Well, I knew it wasn't a who-dun-it mystery, so why bother?

Ah, but lately I'd thought, "I need to be more cultured, and read Jane Austen."

I was mentioning that to Bailey last fall, so she gave me the book for Christmas!

Now I'm all literate and everything!

Well . . .
maybe not everything.

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