Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday night . . .

. . . is my favorite time of the week, I think. ... especially when I can stay home, snug. . . like now.


Sam is home from a big trip to Temple where he met with his doctor/college friend who gave him a thorough medical check-up. Sam got a good report. (Thank you, Lord.)

He said he talked with his doctor friend at length about this health care reform thing that Obama wants to push through. This doctor is NOT liking it not ONE. SINGLE. BIT. ... says he thinks he wants to retire early.

Hmm. We hope he doesn't.
I played today in the tea room. Before I went I told myself I would just play whatever I - me, myself - wanted to play, and not what I thought others wanted me to play.

Well, so much for that.

I can't help myself.

I'm a people pleaser.

Ah, but I am making peace with that. I mean, there are worse things I could be.

I mean, if I think a little girl would like to hear "Part of Your World" from THE LITTLE MERMAID, well, shoot, I will play it.
... And when this lady wanted to hear "Bye, Bye, Blackbird", well, I could try and play that by ear.

I mean, sometimes it's really fun, trying to please people.

Oh, here is my final thing for this post.... a picture that John Carmack took of me with my great nephew..... we're mimicking each other......... This is similar to a picture I posted in my last post.... but, notice the mouth action on the two of us.

Isn't that fun?!

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caroline said...

I love a good cozy night in. I get the feeling I'm going to be getting a lot more of those in the near future.
And I love that picture! Sawyer loves his aunt nancy :)


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