Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!!

She's 28 tomorrow! (which may be today if you read this tomorrow...)

Oh, did you know she was Miss San Antonio USA 2003? Oh, and Miss San Antonio Teen USA 2000?

So she's a beauty.... and the most wonderful thing is that she is even more beautiful on the inside!!

She is one of the most loving, giving people I have ever known.... and the fact that she lives close by is a blessing I never thought I would have. (Thank you, Lord.)


Tonight we celebrated.

She had little Caroline help her blow out the candles, and they were successful, so the wish will come true!

And we had one of her favorites: carrot cake!




Deanna said...

What a BEAUTIFUL young woman! Wow. Must have good genes!!!

Elizabeth H. said...

Awww - thank you!!!! It was a wonderful dinner!! Thank you for the yummy cake and beautiful decorations! I will see you tomorrow!

Nancy said...

Yes, Deanna, she has GREAT genes! She's Peggy's little girl... so we have some of the same genes....!!!!

Sara Elizabeth said...

What a beautiful picture of her birthday celebration with you. I love it!

Deanna said...

You know, I thought that Elizabeth must be Peggy's "little girl." I hope I get to meet her some day! Funny, but every mental picture of have of you two is together. Wherever I saw one, I saw the other. I know you have been a real blessing to all of them over the years, and that they bless you, too! I would love to see your mom, too. What fun we had staying at your house during spring break all those years ago! Did you and your husband ever go to Red Springs, TX, with Randall and Nancy Parks??? My mom has it in her head that you guys were there . . .

Nancy said...

Deanna, yes, Sam and I went to a church that Randall and Nancy Parks were at years ago... for Sam to preach or something. And we met your parents!!! I don't remember the name of the church but maybe it was Red Springs. Well, must have been.

Deanna said...

So you guys got to visit the itty bitty church where I grew up, and got saved, and was baptized! And meet my mom and dad! My mom was SURE that it was you guys that she remembers. I am sure that little trip was a real cultural highlight for you guys! Are you in touch with Nancy at all? I "friended" her on her FB page, but she hasn't responded. Last time I heard anything, she was spending a lot of time in Georgia (the country, not the state . . .). Anyway, keep blogging! I enjoy reading your posts so much.