Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Valentine's reminds me of elementary school.... and my twin and I taking lots of time to go through our store-bought packages of valentines to make sure we didn't give a Valentine to a boy that said "I Love You".
Horrors, the idea of that.

Valentine's also reminds me of the sweetheart banquets at our church when I was in junior high and high school. It was the ONLY time I would ask a boy on a date. (The first few years I'd usually call Hubert (Bill) Thompson.)
We'd go to my church's (First Baptist) banquet and then the next night, or weekend, to his church's (Conway Ave. Baptist Church). We'd dress up ... and usually have a good time. We'd usually double date with Peggy and her fella, whoever that may be.
Last night Bear Valley had a sweetheart banquet of sorts... a LUAU! Sadly, Sam and I had to miss it. :(
Ah, but he and I have been to many sweetheart banquets in our married days. We've even been the king and queen... which is easy to be when you're the pastor and pastor's wife. You kind of have an 'in'.
We have one picture of us kissing madly in front of the whole congregation at one of those banquets. The church people started yelling, 'GET A ROOM!'

And we did.


I hope you have a great day.

Sam and I are visiting a different church that he's supposed to visit as a project of his.
Should be interesting.....
Then we'll eat out (my favorite thing to do).


Isn't that Valentine darling at the top of this post?
Lately I've been trying not to put anything on my blog that isn't 'legal' to do so. ....sooooo I did a google search for public domain Valentines... and found her!

She makes me think of a bumper sticker a Dutch friend of mine used to have:


Deanna said...

Great blog today! As usual . . . and it made me remember back to Valentine's Day parties at MY school. I remember the special care and excitement of my mom and I making my Valentine's "box" every year to take to school to receive the Valentine cards from classmates and friends. Picking a box JUST the right size (not too SMALL, but also not too BIG!), wrapping it up in red or pink or white wrapping paper, then gluing little fabric roses on it in the shape of a heart, or cutting out red hearts from construction paper and decorating them to glue on the box, or making red satin bows. Always a fun project with my mom to "design" the box and then DO it together. Missed that with our son, they didn't "DO" Valentine's boxes. And OH the angst all the years when I didn't have a "sweetheart" (they seemed to always magically disappear just before Valentine's Day, and Christmas, and birthdays . . . hmm, what was THAT all about lol).

Well, anyway, I hope you have a LOVELY day with ALL your sweethearts (and I know you have a lot!)

Nancy said...

Thanks, Deanna! ... and yes, those Valentine's Boxes... what fun!

Elizabeth H. said...

Happy Valentine's Day!!

arg said...

Love the Valentine! I try to send Valentine's to as many people as I can every year! Who doesn't love getting a fun piece of mail AND a love note?? My kiddos totally got into the Valentine's spirit this year and there were lots of "eeew"s when those too sweet notes got dropped into the wrong box or bag! Somethings are just timeless!

sara [at] journey of doing said...

I want to see the picture of you and Sam kissing!!! :) Too cute. "Get a room!" lol!!

I think I did the same thing - you wouldn't want anyone reading anything into those sweet Valentine's!

Love this whole post and all the sweet stories in it! I love hearing stories about your twin!

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