Friday, February 19, 2010

More good thoughts . . .

From my previous post you know that I've been thinking about healing places to remember.
It is very wonderful - to do that.

Now I'm going to think about good 'things' to remember ....

Food, of course, comes to mind!....

... like my Granddaddy Earl's raisin sour cream pie. (I found this picture just now through a google search.)
Actually, I'm not so much thinking of the pie itself, but the fact that my diabetic Granddaddy would make it for all of us. He was always making goodies for us, and never able to enjoy them himself.
So I guess I'm not so much thinking about things here, or food, but my Granddaddy Earl.

What a wonderful man to think about ... and not just about his cooking.

We all have downright good folks in our lives, who just by thinking about them, make us feel better.

If you'd like, tell me about one of yours in a comment, okay?

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Being Beth said...

My cousin Diane is the first person who simply loved me, unconditionally. No matter what I do or don't do, think of don't think, she loves me because I am. Period.

Of course since that time, I've found a few more who love me like that -- Mark, my children, my dog, you and a handful of other dear friends (Jan, Deb, Bonnie, Wanda, Polly, Cindy).

Being loved unconditionally is the greatest gift, the thing I cherish most in life. And, really, it's through the unconditional love of these people that I was ever able to really understand and accept God's unconditional love and then, finally, love myself, flaws and all.

Diane, loved me that way first, when I was about 24. I hardly knew what to do with it. Her love was and is so exquisite. She's almost 79 years old now, and thanks to her, I can say I've been loved deeply and completely for more years than the 24 I lived without it.

What a blessed woman I am.


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