Saturday, February 6, 2010

Random I Thinks (RITS)

I think married men should wear wedding bands, unless they have a job that might yank the ring and finger off.

I think, after seeing him interviewed, that Rush Limbaugh has gotten his teeth way over-whitened.

I think televangelism is an embarrassment.

I think Sarah Palin is a little too perky for my tastes.

I think the 'The New Atheists' are crazy. There's this: One of them (Dawkins, I think) was asked just how he thought the world was created without there being a god... he said something like, 'Maybe an intelligent being from another place did it'.
(Can you believe that?)

I think my husband (who always wears his wedding band) is the smartest person I have ever known.

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Deanna said...

Baffles my mind when I think they ANYONE could look at the intricacies of these marvelous bodies of ours, or at the endless varieties of trees, flowers, birds, butterflies, puppies, kittens, mountains, valleys (okay, you probably get it) and think it all just poofed out of nowhere, and the living creatures just crawled out of the slime and evolved. God's handiwork is amazing.

My hubby's wedding ring is on a gold chain around his neck because his fingers are fatter than they were 27 years ago . . .

Gotta agree with you on that televangelism thing . . . some of these folks make me cringe (and I'm a Believer! Can you imagine what NON-believers think about them?)

I like Sarah, and I respect her in many many ways, but I DO hope that I never have to vote for her because she's the last Conservative left standing . . . still trying to figure out in my own little head exactly WHY I feel that way . . .

A FB friend has this on his profile under Politics: "I try to vote knowing one day I will stand before my Lord and Saviour." I like that. Makes me think, and realize voting isn't only my civic duty, but it is also my Christian duty. And that I better educate myself on facts and do some serious praying for wisdom and discernment in order to make informed decisions before I step into that voting booth! Long gone are the days when I could just tell myself "Oh, it's just ONE vote and my vote doesn't REALLY matter . . ."


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