Thursday, February 4, 2010

She's a girly-girl... and he's a boy-y boy....

I stayed with little Caroline and little Andrew yesterday afternoon for a bit, and we watched SNOW WHITE!

How fun was that?!

I was reminded of how Caroline is all-girl when, at the end, when the prince kisses Snow White and she wakes up and they hug, etc., little Caroline started jumping up and down . . . so excited.
'Course the fact that I was cheering and clapping helped her excitement.

Little Andrew just looked at us.
I think I might have detected him rolling his eyes.

Ah, but he enjoyed the movie, too.

Here they are watching it...

Afterwards they colored and drew on their new draw board thing...

After Andrew tired of that he thought he'd shoot some hoops...He made it!

It was a fun afternoon.

Oh my yes.

1 comment:

sara [at] journey of doing said...

LOL, too funny... but yes, I would say, Caroline is definitely all girl... and Andrew is definitely all boy!

Love those sweet babies! I'm glad you get to spend so much time with them!

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