Saturday, March 6, 2010


I got to see them this week. They're getting bigger.
In that second picture you can see all three - if you look closely. From left, Felix, Marty, and Regina.

Different note: the tea room was busy today. Three groups were scheduled... only two showed up. (Don't get me started on that topic (the not-showing-up topic). Grr.)

Different note: I'm loving this weather. We may have to eat supper outside tonight.

Different note: the wedding plans are coming together. It will happen in just a little over four months!
It's so exciting... and it's giving me some good reasons to spend time with my favorite daughter .... and her fish.


Maria said...

Congratulations! I only see one fish.

sara [at] journey of doing said...

Too funny about the grandfish! Glad the wedding plans are coming along swimmingly. ;)

Being Beth said...

It took me a long time to find the third fish, and then when I saw it, it stands out. Love the concept of grand fish.

Only four months until the wedding??? Amazing!

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