Monday, March 1, 2010

Having my own March Madness . . .

It started out as a great day, albeit rainy and cold.

I got to watch my little peeps - (my great niece and nephew) Caroline and Andrew - for a little while.
Here we are about 2 weeks ago (I'll take any excuse to put their pictures up)...
I realize that taking those kinds of pictures won't last forever. I mean, the kids will get bigger. (Hopefully I won't.)

Anyway, after Elizabeth comes to get them, I go to TARGET. I have a long grocery list. I get almost everything.

As I am putting stuff in my car I am thinking how things go smoothly when I'm not in a hurry.

Yes, I am feeling serene.

Since I am feeling so serene I think I'll stop at ALBERTSONS and get the wheat crackers Sam likes and that Target doesn't carry.

So I park. Reach for my purse.

No purse.

Serenity lasts only a little while.

Frantically I drive back to TARGET. Look at the carts parked out in the rain.

No purse.

Walk inside fast .... and there is a TARGET employee holding my purse.

A sweet lady (whom I got to hug) had found it and brought it in and had just given it to him.

I'm so glad.

I head home (forget the trip to ALBERTSONS) and park by the back door.

I open the big back door to my SUV, and unload.

I start feeling serene again, mainly because I'm thinking of that angel of a woman who found my purse and didn't steal anything from it.

I get ready to park my car into the garage. I hear the pinging sound, but think the car is telling me my seat belt is not buckled. I don't need to buckle, I'm only going 10 feet. Let it ping.

Then, too late, I realize that it was pinging for a different reason.

My back door is all the way up and I'm heading into my garage - whose height does NOT allow for an open back door.


Really, everything is okay. Nothing hurt too badly.

And I have my purse. . .

. . . and something to blog about.


Deanna said...

Oh, Nancy, thank you for the laugh. Really, I wasn't laughing AT you, but WITH you, and mostly AT MYSELF because that sounds like something that I would do. All of it. Really. I am glad it all turned out okay for you :-D

sara [at] journey of doing said...

What a day! So glad you found your purse though - what a relief!

Poor dear - it happens to the best of us. That pinging was God reminding you to slow down. ;)

Being Beth said...

I keep forgetting to close things too, Nancy!!! This morning it was the lid on the washing machine, so it sat there for like two hours soaking but not agitating. And the refrigerator door -- I leave it open all the time. You'd think I was a nine year old little boy or something. At least I'm still remembering to close the bathroom door, LOL!!!

So glad you got your purse back and were reminded that there are a good many people in this wold who are honest and do the right thing. Sorry the garage is too low to accommodate your forgetfulness, hahaha.

Thanks for your comment on my blog -- I got bogged down in the olympics and didn't blog last week. Didn't do much of anything except watch the games. Back to real life, blogging, and moving my body around. I don't fare well as a couch potato anymore.

Serene but active, serene but active, serene but active...

laura said...

Haha. Man! Glad everything turned out okay. and I'm glad you used this word "peeps" in a blog post.

caroline said...

oh that is so something that would happen to me! I'm glad you got your purse back!

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