Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Marvelous Mother Margaret is Making the Move...

... mmmmmm...

She's moving to a wonderful retirement community in Bedford.
She will be as close to me as she is now.... and as close to Elizabeth, too.... just in a different direction.

I'm so excited for her.
In fact, I wish it were me (I).
I mean, no yard to take of, no meals to cook, people to go to Walmart with.... and everywhere else with, for that matter!

(Sam and I are going to check in as soon as we can!!)

Oh and it is NOT assisted living. It is INDEPENDENT LIVING.

I just seems awesome.

Elizabeth, Caroline and Andrew came to help her pack today...

... Well, Caroline and Andrew didn't actually pack..... but they were being their best selves. ... with the TV babysitter...That show was really cute, which made it kind of hard for me to help with the packing in the other room.

....I had to tear myself away....
... but I did...

We packed some really precious things to take to Mother's new apartment.

Like this....This was made by my dear (late) twin sister (Elizabeth's mom - and Cap's, too) for my mom years ago. Click the picture to make it larger, and you'll see lots of Mother's interests (notice the popcorn!).

Here's another treasure (click to enlarge)...Peggy (my twin) started this counted cross stitch for Mother in 1988, and was so wanting to finish it. Her health just got so bad that she couldn't, so I finished it... hence the signing "Peggy AND Nancy"... (I had to get credit, you know.)
(Doing counted cross stitch is not for the faint of heart.)

Anyway, come April 5th my mother will be moved!! I will stay a few nights with her at Parkwood at first... and eat in the dining room with her.... and check out her new friends.

Oh, and they have a piano in Parkwood's dining room..... so I just might have to play!
(Sounds like a plan!)

(Oh, a sweet family is buying Mother's house.)

Life is good.

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Maria said...

That is a beautiful cross-stitch (?). I visited Peggy's mom when she lived at PW. They are very nice apartments. The blog title reminded me of a Dr. Suess book, haha! Thanks for sharing Nancy.

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