Thursday, March 4, 2010

There ARE some books missing . . .

This is Sam's library today. It even had more books in it a week ago.

I mean, before last Thursday there were absolutely NO empty spaces.

As you may - or may not - know, the First Baptist Church of Temple burned down recently. Well, Sam was wanting to give some of his books away anyway, so who better to receive them than someone whose books were burned up!
Last Thursday the youth/college minister at FBC, Temple came with a friend and got lots of books. It was wonderful!! (This minister is a Ph.D. student at BHCTI and was in Sam's doctoral seminar recently - that's how they got connected.)


Different note: please pray for Joel Huffman, John's (Elizabeth's husband's) brother. He's shipping out tomorrow to serve our country in Afghanistan. He'll be in the most dangerous part.
Thank you.


Pat said...

When I saw your blog heading, I thought you were going to be talking about the missing books on your blog backdrop.

sara [at] journey of doing said...

What an amazing library! I'm so jealous. I would love to have a room like that... and HOW WONDERFUL of Sam to donate some of his many books!!!

Deanna said...

Nancy, great story (as usual). If Sam is ever looking again for a new home for any of his books, may I be so bold as to make a suggestion? A former pastor from Red Springs Baptist Church (where I grew up, and where you and Sam visited with Randall and Nancy Parks)named Bob Tremaine - he also was our pastor when I accepted the Lord and baptized me a zillion years ago in Red Springs - has been "building" a Christian study library in Weatherford for the last several years. He is always looking for donations of books. I am CERTAIN he would have a good home for anything Sam might want to pass along. :-D

And I always pray for the brave young men and women who serve our nation in the military, and for the families who raise them up and send them out.


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