Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Do you ever get so tired you just want to cry?

I'm not a young person anymore, I know ... but I'm still me.... and I still get teary (and sometimes mad) when I get completely worn out.

Earlier this afternoon I got just that: completely worn out... and teary... and a little mad, uh rather, frustrated (at some circumstances).

So now I'm home... relaxing for a bit. mm.

Mother and I have been busy-bees getting her packed and moved and soon (hopefully) settled. (Though I read - and know from experience - that it takes 6 months to 2 years to really get settled anywhere. (Sigh.))

It's been special, though, going through things and remembering where she and Daddy got them, ... and of course, deciding what on earth to do with them.

It HAS been special, though.


Not only has it been special. It has been WONDERFUL.

These ARE precious days... and I'm so very glad and blessed that my mom has been in good health to make it wonderful together.

And now we're setting her up in her new place.
With a new beginning.

And she and I ate lunch there today for the very first time.
It was GREAT (and delicious).
This may not mean much to you, blog-reader, but the ladies we ate with today were kindred spirits... they all love W.M.U!!!!!! (Some of you know what I mean. It's a Baptist ladies' thing.) It was so great discovering the common interest... the common bond! It was like, "YAY, GOD!... my mom is with W.M.U ladies!!!!"


Well, I have more to say... but am so tired I must quit and stare at the walls for a while...

Before I go, let me show you who came to see us today... and who brought us supper!!

Oops. We didn't get a picture of the one who actually brought us supper!!



Being Beth said...

W.M.U. ladies??? OH this really is a God thing, Nancy!

I'm sure you ARE absolutely pooped. Just think how tired your Mom must be! What a daunting task to sort through an entire lifetime of possessions and memories.

Sounds to me like you need to do what I do when I'm tired...put on your CD of hymns "In the Garden" prop your feet up, and let the angels carry away every bit of stress and every achy muscle. Ummmmm

sara [at] journey of doing said...

Get some rest Aunt Nancy. The stuff can be put away and settled later today. Just take a little time to relax. Your mom is lucky to have you there to help out... and you're lucky to have her close by!

arg said...

ALL THE TIME! I think that if you are doing something well you should be exhausted at the end of it... which is how I explain my 9:00 bedtime to all of my non-teacher friends! So, you must be doing LIFE well if you get those moments! Besides - moving is utterly exhausting!


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