Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt Today!

The eggs weren't hidden too well, but the hunters had to be quick to get them!!

This next picture shows two of the successful egg hunters (with their loving parents)...

Sam and I went to Fellowship of the Park Haslet's first public church service today (yes, the first)... and Ronnie, Jennifer and sons, Jayden and Jackson, joined us!! (I think they're a beautiful family, don't you?)
(Thanks for coming, guys!!)

It was so fun!

Would you believe there were over 450 people who showed up for that first service (and the Easter egg hunt)!? AMAZING!!

That reminds me, in case you don't know, that Sam has joined the Fellowship of the Parks staff. Their main campus is in Keller (on north Beach just north of Heritage Trace Parkway). They have another site in Grapevine, and now this new one in Haslet.
Sam still helps out at Bear Valley, as a consultant... but now he's spending more of his time at FOTP.
Me, I've been going with him, so I have gotten off the Bear Valley music team (which was a bittersweet departure) (I love those folks).

It was a good Easter.

Thank You, Lord.


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sara [at] journey of doing said...

Yesterday was a great day for an Easter Egg hunt -- can't believe how many eggs there are! How fun... what a cute family!!


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