Sunday, April 11, 2010

Everything changes . . .

The Texas Stadium is turning into dust.
Now this is dating me.
I went to the very first meeting in the Texas Stadium. It was the Billy Graham Crusade. The stadium wasn't even finished yet, but enough was done so that the first night of that crusade could be held.
I wish I could tell you that I was 2 years old at that meeting. Ha.

Another change in my life: I joined a different church today .... It's a wonderful church. It's just not where most of my friends are.... so I'll be making some new friends. (But I'll keep the old!)Sam is now on staff at Fellowship of the Parks, though he'll make appearances at Bear Valley for different staff meetings.
(I wrote that last sentence in case you hadn't read it before in a previous post.)

Another change: my mother has a new address!
(I write it here because some of my blog-readers need it.)
2712 Parkview Lane #1204
Bedford, TX 76022

This next picture is of Mother in her new living room. She's sitting in her rocking chair, though you can't see her well. I put this picture here for those of you who saw the apartment when she first moved in this past Monday. You (you know who you are) can tell here that she has made GREAT progress in unpacking.

This next picture is of her balcony/porch (that door leads to a nice storage area)...

And here is the view from that balcony....

I tell you, I'm ready to move into that nice place.
Oh my. The food is wonderful. The people are so friendly. And there are no weeds (that are my responsibility)!
What's not to love?!


laura said...

Grandmother's place looks great! Thanks for sharing the pictures

sara [at] journey of doing said...

I'm so glad you got your mother settled in... I know she will enjoy it! It's been so good for my great grandmother!!!!

Being Beth said...

I looked up your mom's new living place -- WOW!!! that is SO nice! I love the photo of her new living room. You two have done a fantastic job of getting her settled. It looks so comfortable.

You're right -- just looking at all the amenities there makes me want to live there too.

Congrats on your new church home. Sam looks really pumped in that photo. It'll be fun to see what God has for your both to do there. Many peoples lives will be blessed by having you guys there.

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